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Predictive Dialler
Algorithm Benefits

A predictive dialler is an essential calling tool for call centres. It dials telephone numbers and directly connects calls to the agents making the call. An emerging technology, a predictive dialler helps businesses improve sales and enhance the customer service experience of consumers.

It utilizes statistical algorithms to reduce the waiting time of agents between phone calls. To do this, the dialler uses data such as the number of call centre agents, average number of phone conversations per agent, the contact centre’s call history, preferences of customers and the contact centres call priorities. The dialler also ensures that there are always agents available when a client or a customer answers or connects to a call.

According to experts, integrating a predictive dialler algorithm will increase productivity. In fact, productivity with this dialler is fifty-seven minutes per hour making it by far, the best dialling solution for call centres.

Predictive dialler algorithm can be used in a number of industries. Whether you deal with insurance or sell timeshares, home security or offer cleaning services, this kind of dialler will be very beneficial for the growth of your company.

Types of Predictive Diallers

There are basically three kinds of predictive dialler. This includes software-based, hardware-based, and mixed-based diallers.

Software-based diallers run on conventional computers and do not need telephony components. This type is the most inexpensive.

Hardware-based predicted dialler algorithm technology requires telephony. While this technology is quite expensive, it has a lot of features and capabilities.

Mixed-based diallers on the other hand are a mix between software-based and hardware-based predicted dialler algorithm. What is great about this type is it only requires simple hardware devices. The software however is quite sophisticated making this dialler a great option for contact centres.

General Capabilities

This technology is able to initiate telephone calls to numbers included in a database. It also has the capability to anticipate when agents are about to become available. Disconnected lines and engaged lines can be tracked through the dialler as well making it a good starting point for analysis when the contact centre does a review of its protocols and its agents. It can also track certain things like outcomes of calls whether an agent made a sale or got an uninterested party. This ability to learn from the contact centre’s call history is a great feature of predicted dialler algorithm technology because it gives the company an insight on historical campaigns.

What is great about this dialler is it can also transfer calls to agents who are available. It can leave machine messages as well.

Predicts How Many Calls to Send

Whenever agents are available to answer the phone, the predicted dialler algorithm computes how many calls it sends. This ensures that there's no idle time for agents resulting to more productivity.

Talk Time Increased

The algorithms increase talk time for agents whilst ensuring low drop rates. It also ensures that calls are not classified as "abandoned" and are within legal bounds.

Without this technology, call centre staff usually have to wait around for prospective customers to answer the phone. This can take a toll on the company's goals or quota that's why having this technology is highly recommended.

In a conventional centre, agents usually spend forty-five percent of their work time waiting for calls to be answered. Fifteen percent of the time, agents have to leave a message on a machine. Agents also encounter out-of-service numbers or busy signals. Call centres without a predicted dialler algorithm technology only connect with a person thirty percent of the time.

Different Dialling Modes

Aside from the predictive mode, this dialler also features other dialling modes. This includes power dialling, progressive dialling, and preview dialling.

Stand-alone or Integrated

This dialler can be installed as stand-alone hardware or integrated as software in platforms used by contact centres.

Agent Focus

With this kind of technology integrated in the system, agents can now concentrate on what they do best -- talking to prospective customers or to existing ones.


Predicted dialler algorithm can be used for a number of purposes. This includes account collections, community alert campaigns, doing marketing surveys, quality assurance, election campaigns, customer service, appointments and telemarketing, amongst others.

Other Information

There are many predictive diallers that range from simple diallers to complicated application systems that have the capability to integrate with other technologies.

Most diallers of this type can handle connections to digital and analogue phones. It can also import numbers and leave messages that are pre-recorded.

Some diallers can also leave specific messages to specific phone numbers when needed.