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The Secret of SIP and VoIP
and VoIP Auto Dialler Software

SIP is a feature that allows users within your business organisation to make thousands or even millions of calls all over the world. The feature is a huge benefit to businesses that are looking to grow through an improved and more efficient service. If your business is moving premises you need not worry either, with SIP you can keep your local presence.

SIP origination service is a feature that permits you to answer calls directly to your VoIP device. This typically includes assigning a telephone number, which is known as a DDI or DID. The number can be reached through any mobile or normal phone. The call is redirected to your SIP address and can be answered directly through your SIP or Voip device. It is possible to purchase a DID or DDI number and have it connect directly to your VoIP or SIP phone, as well as a regular mobile device.

It is common for VoIP providers to run through both cable modem and DSL Internet service. Connections such as dial up or satellite can be too inconsistent for the call to take place without any issues. VoIP calls typically require 90kbps for the optimal quality.

Primo Dialler offers a top of the line VoIP and Sip service that has plenty of useful features, making the most out of your broadband and getting rid of telephone hardware installation and maintenance costs. There are numerous benefits to Primo Dialler's VoIP system. These include complimentary Inter-office calls, clear call quality, cheaper International calls, the ability to select any area code, call recording, call conferencing, voice mail, voice-to-email, call conferencing, call forwarding, online call logs, invoices and auto-attendant (IVR).

SIP and VoIP Auto dialler Software are an affordable and adjustable type of software that is incredibly user friendly. The auto dialler allows users to use their computer to make calls and leave messages on answer machines. It is possible to leave messages in either an automated voice, or your own.

Primo Dialler's SIP Termination has over four levels of service and 800 interconnections, which make it an incredibly unique service. Known for its resilience and reliability; Primo Dialler has worked for many years in the communications industry and has a deep understanding of contact centre protocol. Primo Dialler prides itself on being one of the only companies that can truly facilitate traffic of a contact centre. Primo Dialler's carrier level policy is able to handle thousands of calls every second and its infrastructure guarantees a 99% availability and ASR, or Answer Seizure Ratio.

Benefits of Primo Dialler's SIP Termination include a multitude of connections to carriers, a selection of route alternatives, economical rates, sought after international SIP destinations, complete service availability and real time usage or data.

The way that Primo Dialler's SIP and VoIP Auto dialler works is by using technology that allows the software to conduct calls directly through the computer. The calls take place on a VoIP channel, which can include SIP and Skype, as well as typical telephone lines. In order to begin a call, users have to either import or design a new call list. This list looks exactly like a spreadsheet document and only takes a few minutes to set up.

Then, a voice message is recorded by using a telephone, microphone or computer. Alternatively, you can simply type a text into the computer and have an automated voice read the message aloud instead. The message can be used immediately or saved for a later date.

SIP and VoIP Auto dialler software are useful for a variety of reasons. They are excellent for companies that deal with surveys, campaigns, lead generation and notifications of all kinds. With this software you will be able to dial a huge number of calls simultaneously and increase your company's productivity immensely.