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CRM Integration
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Our predictive dialling technology can also be
tailored to integrate with your current CRM

Predictive dialling and CRM are two areas that should walk hand in hand, each complementing the other. At Primo Dialler our predictive dialler solution can integrate with your CRM to help you manage your customer relationships effectively and to help you build the type of rapport with your client base that will support future sales and customer retention.

One of the many features of our CRM solution is an instant lead service that updates your campaigns in real time so that you can keep track of performance up to the minute. Our predictive dialling technology can also be tailored to integrate with your current CRM so that you can streamline and simplify your processes as well as grow your operation.

CRM Integration Benefits

Get Organised

Your leads will come from many different sources and being able to understand these sources so that you can understand the quality of your data will create better decision making. Understanding your customer base through your will CRM will allow you to create targeted campaigns better suited to your data.

Get Productive

When you are managing large quantities of data you will be able to dial more numbers, gain more sales and reduce down time. The facility to update your CRM system with the latest information will inform your teams of the latest conversations and make them more prepared for follow up calls.

Get Pro-Active

Your CRM tool allows you to understand your customers and what makes them tick. Providing your teams with this added value information through a predictive dialling system makes them plan more effectively for each call and close more deals.

The Final Outcome

Predictive Dialling in conjunction with CRM can power your business, giving you unlimited dialling potential and the ability to capture information about your customers which will increase your sales and grow your business.

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