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Cloud Contact Centre Solutions

Our hosted predictive dialler uses cloud
technology which means there is little or no
capital expenditure.

Move To The Cloud

At Primo we understand that managing your cash flow within your organisation is critical and are able to support you with this by providing you with a predictive dialler solution that is hosted in the cloud, meaning that there is little or no capital expenditure that you need to make.

Our cloud-hosted call centre solutions eliminate the need for new hardware and IT infrastructure, leaving your IT department with less technology to worry about and fewer machines to update and maintain. This gives them more time to concentrate on the needs of your call centre operation and deliver the efficiencies that you want.

Yet another benefit of cloud call centre systems is that they are kept up to date and fully maintained by the provider instead of your own team. Utilising the cloud ensures that your contact centre solution won’t have any downtime and lets your teams focus on the task in hand.

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Advantages of Working in the Cloud

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Move to the Cloud

Reasons to use a Cloud Predictive Dialler...

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The Benefits

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Flexibility Of Working In The Cloud

One of the biggest advantages of our cloud-hosted call centre solutions is the flexibility that they give you to run your call centre the way you want to. Your teams will have the freedom to work anywhere that they have an internet connection which facilitates home working and being able to recruit the best people for the job, irrespective of their geographic location.

Our cloud-hosted contact centre system will enable you to grow your call centre with ease and will give you the ability to increase productivity levels across your operation.