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At Primo Dialler we understand that if you are running a call centre or large scale telesales operation it can be a significant investment for your organisation. Charged with driving sales, managing customer relationships, driving loyalty and building long term revenues is all part and parcel of what you are trying to achieve and this takes a lot of training and resource plus investment in technology. With this in mind, it is vital that you are able to control costs whilst still maintaining high levels of customer service. This is where Primo Dialler comes in.

Our groundbreaking predictive dialling technology has been developed to integrate seamlessly into your business processes, increase efficiencies and drive down costs. This is how:

Increased Productivity

Eliminates wasted time for your sales/customer service operatives waiting for a call to be answered, ensuring that they are spending their time selling and dealing with customers.

Sophisticated Management

Maximises management time through sophisticated lead management, call back handling, filtering out do not call lists, response recording and identifying if a number should be called again.


Identifies best time to call so that your teams are speaking to the optimum level of people. Real time reporting that allows you to see results and support training needs.

Predictive Dialler

Premise Image

When making an investment in predictive dialling for your call centre there are a few variables to take into account when you are deciding upon a premise-based, hosted, or hybrid solution. These include the size of the call centre, the type of business and size of customer base, the nature of the teams working in the organisation – office based or home based, the access you have to internal IT resources and your requirements for a disaster recovery solution. These are all important considerations and through consultation we can help you make the right decision for your business.

For some organisations, especially larger companies and blue-chips, the biggest attraction of the premise-based model for a predictive dialler is security and reliability. With cyber-crime and computer hacking becoming an increasing global problem, one of the big benefits of a premise-based solution is that all data is transmitted over your local network and therefore data security is much easier to manage.

Hosted Image

A hosted solution for your predictive dialler can be an attractive solution because there is no capital outlay upfront and the monthly fees are affordable and easily budgeted for. This allows you to concentrate your budget in other areas of your business that might need it more. In addition, all maintenance and upgrades are managed by your hosted provider so you don’t have to invest heavily in IT.

Hosted solutions are easy to set up and once you are up and running you have the flexibility to make changes quickly, have people working remotely from home and even move premises without too much fuss. You are, however, reliant on a stable internet connection and your third-party provider to be able to do business so for some organisations this lack of control can be an issue.

On the whole, hosted solutions are secure and reliable so there’s nothing to worry about and the fact that you don’t need to make a significant capital outlay upfront makes a hosted solution a highly popular choice.

Hybrid Image

A hybrid solution can give you the benefits of both worlds – all the flexibility of a hosted solution as well as the security and reliability of a premise-based solution.

A hybrid predictive dialler connects to a VoIP service provider through an internet connection rather than a PBX system like a premise-based dialler does. This gives you the option to migrate the predictive dialler to the cloud but for security, you can still offer hybrid deployment.

This can be a perfect solution for call centres that are worried about a complete move to the cloud and can be a transitional move to a fully hosted solution. Whatever solution you go for, the efficiencies to be gained are fantastic and we can help you make the right choice for your business.

Predictive Dialling Tailored to Your Requirements

Through experience we know that some companies believe that moving to a predictive dialler will be difficult, time consuming and expensive. This is why we have developed our predictive dialling technology to address these concerns.

We have invested a lot of time and research into making our predictive dialling technology fit into the infrastructure of other businesses. We have built in flexibilities that allow us to tailor it to your specific requirements and reduce the hassle of integration into your processes. Our use of cloud technology means that you can make significant savings too!

  • You’re in control
  • Be better
  • Predictive Dialler explained
  • Get the right one the first time

You’re in control

Hosted predictive dialler solutions can help improve the productivity of the call centre by taking care of all the productivity deterrents. It is a complete solution that can be deployed as a standalone product by automating all the functions of the call centre. Dialler technology has changed the game for many call centres and has helped them scale new heights by focusing on their core competencies.

Be better

Using a virtual predictive dialler is one of the best ways to increase the efficiency of your team by making it easy to receive phone calls at a much faster pace. Instead of having to dial numbers individually, predictive diallers view a particular list of phone numbers and make up to three calls per given time. These amounts of calls maximize your businesses effectiveness instantaneously.

Predictive Dialler explained

Predictive diallers are very common in call centres and telemarketing companies that make many calls on any given day. They were introduced with the purpose of maximizing human resources thereby increasing efficiency. Before it was introduced, most centres used auto diallers that had telephony cards to enable them to dial numbers without human intervention.

Get the right one the first time

According to experts, in order for BPO companies to stay in business, there is a need for them to have reliable dialler systems. Predictive dialler systems, an emerging technology in the world of BPO, are one of the most recommended technologies that contact centres should use.