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Custom Predictive Dialler

Bespoke Solutions

Here at Primo Dialler we believe in the unique requirements of call centres; so we custom develop each product to fit our clients: there is no ‘off-the-shelf’ solution. We work with numerous clients who all have different needs and work closely with us to shape a service that will fit in with their business requests. Our award winning in-house technical and design teams are on standby to help customers build the dialling system they want.

What We Do

We start with gathering as much information about your call centre and customer service needs that we can and compare those needs to the functions we can offer you; cloud functionality, disaster recovery, CRM intergration, IVR, etc. no stone is left unturned when it comes to creating the best quality solutions for our clients. We then finalise a solution that fits into your timescale and budget. Throughout each development stage we will keep in contact with you and help you manage the implementation. On the day of the initial set-up we will give you a free half day training session walking you through every aspect of the dialler and a range of scenarios that could occur. We will also give you support over the phone or you can request a support technician and they will visit onsite to assist you. Through our system of consultation, design, implementation, support and aftercare the solution we create will boost both your sales and operational processes.

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Email us: hello@primodialler.com

“Primo Dialler is the only company you need to speak to when you are looking to start a call centre or switch your call centre operations to an agile, dependable and feature –rich platform” – SLM Connect