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The evolution of customer service: Is it affecting your business?
How will you keep up?

Lifestyles Changes

With the vast amount of choice in the market, the nature of the consumer has changed. Consumers are now looking for companies that cannot only provide them with products and services but also superior customer service, faster response times, bespoke offers and above all else personalised and dedicated support.

Due to the evolution of our digital culture, we have entered the Age of Interruption we are inundated daily with messages: e-mails, texts, tweets, etc. We experience and expect constant interruption throughout our lives, add instant streaming sites such as Netflix and we have become accustomed to instant gratification from every process and are no longer prepared to wait. Constant interruptions are driving our need for speed so to speak. Using a predictive dialler fills this need for your customers. Because of its intelligent call routing processes, predictive diallers are a favourite choice for call centres around the world. Calls are made quicker and more efficiently making sure agents are always on a live call, predictive dialling software is instrumental in both small and large businesses, also its intelligent routing processes (Predictive Dialler Algorithm) observes how many calls and agents there are and matches them up accordingly. Your customers will never have to pick up to silent calls or spend their afternoon waiting in a queue. Both creatively and practically call centre predictive diallers have become the ideal choice for businesses around the world. Agents put up with a lot: the irate customers, night shifts and repetition of processes day in, day out; the best predictive dialler software is one that will make processes easier; encouraging agent motivation and engagement.

Blended dialling

Call blending gives the ability to deliver both inbound and outbound calls seamlessly to the agent, regulating outbound call volume based on inbound traffic. Making the most out of blended dialling allows you to efficiently regulate your calls throughout the day. When you inbound traffic is low, the outbound calls will automatically increase within that campaign. Results from blended dialling include increased agent productivity, higher average talk time and improved customer service.

Modifying your dialler to facilitate both inbound and outbound calls will improve your inbound service levels and outbound list penetration. This is known as blended dialling: the predictive dialler can facilitate both inbound and outbound calls to provide flawless service on both fronts.

Predictive diallers are flexible and are easy to configure so you never fall out of compliance.

Recently, increasing numbers of call centres have been fined for non-compliance, with some totalling up to £500K: Compliance is an ever-growing issue. However, due to its customisable settings a predictive dialler can achieve full compliance: drop rate at below 3%, Do Not Call lists and PCI DSS. A good predictive dialler is one that is or can be configured to comply with Ofcom and ICO (governing bodies) regulations, diallers that cannot comply with Ofcom and ICO are simply a waste of resources for any business. As its name implies, predictive dialling systems use algorithms to predict how many calls need to be dialled up for agents, this is customisable e.g. choosing the number of calls you want to be dialled during the current agent’s call. Customisable options are the way to a compliant call centre, free from fines and a happy customer base.

Premise, Hosted or Hybrid

Premise – This option is suited to businesses that handle sensitive data, with cyber-crime increasing in recent years; more and more companies are looking for more secure ways to store their customer’s data. Integrated into your in-house network, you are in full control over data security.

Hosted – More commonly known as the Cloud Predictive Dialler, this has become a popular choice among call centres for its easy installation and physical flexibility. Unlike a premise dialler the hosted dialler is based online “in the cloud” meaning you don’t need to invest the majority of your dialler budget in predictive dialler hardware as it is all maintained by your hosted provider. Its flexible nature lies in the cloud, your dialler will become internet based meaning it can be accessed from anywhere in the world! This can help you move premises easier and facilitate remote workers. Most businesses use a web based predictive dialler to become global so they can reach out to their international customers easier. With Primo Dialler we store your dialler information in three secure locations and update them every night so in case of a disaster your call centre can move to the cloud and processes won’t come to a standstill.

Hybrid – This is the best of both worlds; it has the security of a premise dialler and the flexibility of an online predictive dialler and is perfect for those willing to try a hosted solution without putting all their eggs in one basket.

Reporting and analytics: Could it save your business?

Call centres receive a lot of data both from in-house processes and customers; to succeed a business needs to have a strong hold over data management. At Primo Dialler, we provide a simple but stunning real-time statistics wall board, this graphical application is designed for large screens but can be tailored to smaller screens for portable monitoring. The wall board can be used to keep your call teams, supervisors and managers with to-the-minute queues and performance statuses. We have designed the display to be eye-catching so people take notice.

Our manager dashboard also includes historical reports, which allows you to keep track of performance and alter processes to improve productivity. With the combination of historical and statistical reports you are able to oversee call centre performance on both a wide scale and micro manage specific measures to ensure success.

Target customers as individuals

Customers are most responsive to an empathetic agent when faced with problems and some more than others, so an agent must read the correct situation without causing offence. Customers also never want to feel like they’re just another sale, for a business the best way to make their customers feel valued is to treat every customer as an individual. By using a predictive dialler with an integrated CRM, agents can connect on a more personal level. Say an agent schedules a customer call back with another agent, they can attach it to the customer’s file and proceed to leave notes explaining the issue: how much progress they have made and how best to interact with the customer (e.g. whether they like to be called by their first name), this information is then available to the scheduled agent. A customer will feel most valued when they pick up to a call and can fall back into their previous topic without needing to explain their problem again.

Solutions developed with our clients in mind

At Primo Dialler, we don’t believe in off-the-shelf solutions, which is why we develop each product from scratch. After an in-depth consultation and regular contact (for those last minute changes), we cultivate all your ideas and requirements and create a final product that will seamlessly integrate into your call centre, improving productivity and sales. 

“The Primo Dialler Agent Interface is intuitive and extremely user friendly, making training staff quick and easy. Brand new agents who have never used dialler technology can be fully trained and taking calls within a couple of hours. – Thomson Local

“Since using the dialler, our production has increased dramatically. Agents are now 250% more productive. We are profiting from inflated generation without the costly prices that often pursue by simply managing our data much more efficiently.” – Sambora Communications

“Stunning and simple agent interfaces coupled with precise control for dialler managers and reports that make managers squeal with joy, it’s the dialling platform of the future. We've just implemented it for 100 agents, you should too." – SLM Connect

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We strive to gain more predictive dialler reviews in the future, as we continually provide our very best for our clients. Our diallers help businesses prosper and optimise your call centre’s processes. Through our bespoke service, we can develop a dialler solution that can help you:

  • Increase Sales
  • Grow your Profits
  • Reduce overheads
  • Intergrate your existing hardware & software applications

We have developed our solution to fit seamlessly into many different industries as the internet evolves, from financial claims to telemarketing. Predictive diallers can dramatically improve your business through better securitydisaster recoveryextensive reports and many more features.

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