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Effortless, non-complex and bespoke interfaces

Functionality is obviously the most important element within dialler software and it’s what distinguishes excellent software. However, you can have the best dialler software but with boring, complex and hard-to-use interfaces, it can be hard to utilise the software and can cause lack of engagement. That’s why at Primo Dialler, we have made our interfaces non-complex and engaging for agents to avoid confusion and tedium when using the software.

With full customisation, you can design and change the way your interfaces look to suit your call centre’s needs and requirements with ease. All four interfaces have been designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind, taking the innovative features within the software and illustrating them with engaging colour and making it easy to use with managers and agents being able to use the dialler effortlessly.

Within the predictive dialler, there are four interfaces for different purposes and processes…

  • Manager’s dashboard
    The Manager Dashboard is 100% customisable, utilise the metrics that matter to your contact centre campaigns. Have the ability as a call centre manager to control your call centre from anywhere in the world. Make the important business decisions for your business.
  • Admin Interface
    The admin interface can be designed around your business’ needs. You control your reports, you can easily drag and drop statistics specific to what you want to see. Gain a real time over view of your call centre, at your fingertips or you can drill down to the metrics you need.
  • Agent Interface
    The agent interface allows your agents to use the dialler hassle-free. With ease of use, easily accessible features your agents will have everything they need and more at their fingertips enabling them to concentrate completely on the customer.
  • Status Board
    Our wall-board is designed to be displayed on large screens and provides agents with motivation, supervisors and other contact centre personnel with up-to-date, colourful real time call centre information on sales, agent progress and targets in your call centre. 

With all of this being said, functionality and efficiency isn’t compromised or neglected in the slightest. Our Dialler software interfaces are easy to use, easy to pull information from and that are fully customisable are more effective.