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Worldwide or at Home…
Have Agents Working Anywhere

The days of having your agents only being able to work in the call centre are long gone with a hosted predictive dialler. The ability to have agents working worldwide or even from the comfort of their sofa brings multiple benefits to your business; financial and efficient. Sounds expensive right? This complete call centre solution is both affordable and contract-free.

How is it possible?

The innovative ability to have agents working anywhere is made possible with the cloud. Dialling with the cloud means that the predictive dialler is available anywhere with an internet connection. All the agent needs to do is launch the software and dial away, accessible to the agent regardless of them being in or out the call centre. 

Facilitate home working

The hosted predictive dialler, you can have your agents working from the comfort of their home. You will probably have a few questions on how this is a benefit to your business and how you can monitor the agents productivity; as a call centre manager, you can still monitor the agents productivity from the call centre or anywhere even if the agent is working from home. In addition, facilitating home working can benefit your call centre because it gives your business the ability to expand in size without having to relocate premises or expand, therefor you can have a large team of agents without having any capital expenditure. 

Employ the best agents, regardless of their location

Grow, expand and strengthen your team of agents with a hosted predictive dialler. Employing the best agents from anywhere in the world is made possible with this solution due to the predictive dialler being internet based, therefore you can multiple agents working in multiple locations across all five continents.

Other benefits of moving to the cloud

  • Improve agent productivity by an astounding 300%
  • Enhance customer service with an outbound dialler
  • Increase performance and efficiency with this form of dialler
  • Better connection with customer base.
  • Save on operation costs

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