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Auto Dialling
Software Systems

Save time and money with our cloud-based automated
dialling software

Auto Dialling Software Systems

Save time and money with our cloud-based automated dialling software

Improve efficiencies and give your sales staff more time on the phones with the help of an automatic dialling system that supports your business. With a choice of premise-based, cloud or hybrid systems, our software is fully scalable and allows your business the freedom you need to thrive. Give your staff the freedom to work remotely and provide your customers with 24/7 support with the help of our auto dialling software.

What is an Auto Dialler?

Auto dialler systems can be used by call centres and any business with a busy customer service department to help automate their outbound calling. There are many benefits of automatic dialling software for helping to improve the call efficiencies and performance of agents. Some of the benefits include:

  • the system predicts when an agent will become available by looking at the number of agents on the service, idle time and abort rates.

    Predictive dialling

  • with this option the dialling software places calls based on the availability of agents at any time.

    Precision dialling

  • using a predefined call to agent ratio to place calls

    Automatic dialling

Our innovative auto dialling software has been designed to seamlessly integrate with the majority of businesses and their processes and can be completely tailored to the needs of your business.

Predictive dialling software

From marketing and sales to customer service, our auto dialling software provides the solution your business needs. With real-time monitoring and analytics, the Primo Dialler gives your business the tools it needs to succeed. Our auto dialler is fully supported by a huge range of CRM systems making it easy to integrate with your current workflow.

Whether you are a small business looking to compete with bigger companies or a large organisation looking to improve your efficiencies, our dialler solutions can help your business be better. It’s not just outbound calls that we can help with, our hosted predictive dialler can help improve inbound call handling by routing calls to the right people in your business.

Simple reporting

The data you need in one easy to manage interface. Our predictive dialler software is easy to configure and features a drag and drop interface which lets you create reports that are tailored to your business. Drill down on the metrics that matter to your business and manage your calls from anywhere in the world.

Packed full of features

The Primo Dialler automatic dialling software is packed full of the features that customers want. From the ability to provide on-call management including whisper coaching to appointment reminders and workflow automation, our system gives you the tools and features you want, all of which can be customised to your business.

Simple Agent Interface

With a user-focused design and a simple, clean interface, our auto dialler software gives your agents everything they need to perform their jobs completely free from distraction. From sales scripts and customer details to call history and agent notes, all features are easily accessible and designed to improve efficiencies.

Graphical Status Board

Help your teams hit their targets with real-time graphical status boards. The status boards are designed to be shown on large screens to give instant information based on the stats that are important to your teams.

Manager Dashboard

Want to know how many calls were dropped? How about the number of agents on active calls? Or the average length of outbound calls? Our Manager Dashboard means that all these stats and more are just a click away. Our robust built-in reporting makes it easy to dig deeper into the stats that matter to your business and set up custom reports.

Affordable Auto Dialler Systems

For businesses looking for an affordable predictive dialler solution our cloud-based hosted system is an attractive option. With a no capital outlay and cost-effective monthly fees, our hosted auto dialler software makes it easy to budget. The advantages of our hosted dialler systems include:

Quick and easy to setup
Allow people to work remotely
Always secure with real-time backups
No need to expensive IT assistance

The Primo Dialler is at the forefront of automatic dialling solutions and can help businesses small and large to become more efficient. All our solutions can be tailored to the needs of your company so for more information, get in touch with our team today on0161 710 6501 and see how we can help.