Why we focus on customer service to grow our predictive dialler solution

Having been involved in the industry for several years and by speaking to various predictive dialler managers, we’ve discovered some of the biggest pain points about the industry.

As the industry has progressed naturally the software has got better, more intuitive and offers greater reliability. However, one thing that we found that predictive dialler providers lacked, was a high level of support.

Due to the feedback, we knew right from the off that we wanted to Primo Dialler to provide the best support within the industry.

Therefore we’ve put in place the following:

24/7 Support

As we have international clients the time difference varies, this means that if we follow standard British working hours, clients might not be able to speak to us. Therefore we have put in place working patterns to be able to provide clients with sufficient on-demand support.

Well Trained Technicians

There is nothing more frustrating than poorly trained technicians as it takes longer to solve issues to keep your call centre moving forward. We take pride in offering high-level training and support to new and existing staff members.

Rewards and Team Bonding Sessions

We expect our staff to work towards high standards, we know sometimes that can be tough. To keep our staff highly motivated and working together, we offer rewards and put on team bonding sessions to keep morale high.


Using these principles our well-trained team can help customers learn about their predictive diallers to get the best out of our software. We can also get customers back up and running quickly if for any small chance your dialler stops working.

We understand how frustrating it is if your predictive dialler is down and your staff are not dialling (therefore your costs are rising). This is why one of the main reasons we focus on our customer service. We try to make sure we minimise your frustrations and provide the best experience when using our dialler.

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