What is an Omnichannel Call Centre Solution?

Simply put, an Omnichannel call centre solution is where all your call centre software integrates together with other software to create an all-in-one solution. This includes tasks such as managing inbound and outbound calls, updating CRMs, handling SMS and generating reports.
For example, if you’re using Primo Dialler’s predictive dialler and Zoho’s CRM you can connect them together so they communicate with each other. This means you only need to be logged into the dialler to update customer records rather than being active in both the dialler and the CRM.

Benefits of Omnichannel Call Centre Solution

The main benefits are as follows:

No need to login to multiple platforms

An Omnichannel call centre solution reduces the number of platforms agents will need to login to, helping improve the efficiency of the call centre.
Without an Omnichannel call centre solution, your employees will need to login to every bit of software. This can cause issues such as users forgetting passwords or failing to update information across all channels. 
Information shared and updated easily across the board
Using an Omnichannel call centre solution allows information to be shared across all software. So if you dial a lead on your predictive dialler and the lead status changes. That information can be entered on the dialler software and automatically updated on the CRM.
This helps to keep records accurate and reduces the chances of human error.
Furthermore if configured, text messages and social media mentions can also feed into the dialler software and update the CRM automatically.
If a lead was to then call back, their updated customer information will be displayed on the screen, helping to create a seamless customer journey.

Greater efficiency

Using the points we’ve raised above, an Omnichannel solution should provide your call centre with greater efficiency. This is due to the time-saving of not having to update multiple records, login to different software and run multiple reports. 
The software will also allow you to control multiple aspects of your organisation’s communication without leaving one dashboard. A solution which can be extremely useful for call centres of today.

Allow flexibility

In our previous blog, we discussed how remote working could have great benefits for call centres.
By having only having one core solution, agents will find it easier to access and make calls regardless of their location. This allows agents to have greater flexibility leading to greater staff retention and higher calibre applicants. 

Easier to manage

Call centre managers would have to log in to various platforms to make sure everything is running smoothly. An Omnichannel call centre solution would provide an overview from a single place and allow advanced reports to be created.

Primo Dialler

At Primo Dialler we take our omnichannel development seriously. As one of the biggest brands in our industry, we’re setting the standard for a dynamic experience. Therefore we bring together the following channels: 

  • Inbound and Outbound Calls
  • SMS
  • CRM
  • Email
  • Social

Moving forward we’re also keen to develop our offering and work with our in house developers to build custom integrations for clients.

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