How CRM Systems Empower Call Centres

A CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), helps businesses manage customer information in one central hub. Data can be updated as further communication such as emails or calls take place. A CRM is usually based online and can be accessed by various employees with different access levels. Call centres use CRM’s to manage and update lead data so when they make hundreds of outbound calls they can keep on top of the data.

So, how can CRM systems empower call centres?

Better Client Management

As a call centre makes 100’s of calls a day across various agents, it’s difficult to track conversations and build relationships with potential clients without a CRM. If you’ve ever spoken to someone who’s from a company then had to repeat the same information to someone else at the same company, it becomes frustrating. This makes it hard to build a relationship as your company looks unorganised.
With a CRM a call centre can see all the notes from past calls and emails under the client data and if connected to a predictive dialler, the information will open automatically when inbound or outbound calls are connected.

Saves Time

If you’re manually adding, updating and sharing data over spreadsheets it will be time-consuming. You will need to log email communication and call information and it will likely cause issues as it would be difficult to take notes.

Improves Accuracy

Manually inputting data can cause a variety of headaches depending on how your data entry is set up. There could be general inputting errors, overwriting important information and different saved versions. As you grow this will cause further issues and it will become near impossible to manage large data files.

Rapid access to knowledge

If your call centre data is organised using a CRM, it’s likely to give your agents a greater chance of converting leads. This is because they have a large amount of knowledge which can be accessed quickly. Using this information and can pick up positive feedback or on any past issues or which can be counteracted. For example, if in the notes it shows that the customer wasn’t interested due to cost or certain risks on a previous call. You could focus on other selling points which might sway customer into converting.

How Primo Dialler and your CRM System can further empower your call centre

Combining a predictive dialler with a CRM can further improve the running of your call centre.
Primo Dialler has a wide range of features which can integrate with a whole host of CRM platforms.
SMS Integration: Adding SMS integration can help manage inbound and outbound SMS communication. Any interactions with a customer over SMS can be logged on the CRM to keep the information up to date.
Email Integration:  Similar to the above, email integration when configured can help track any communication using emails. This information can be added to the CRM automatically so agents can see the latest information with each contact. 
Social Integration: Social media is helping many businesses grow. By being active and more accessible you can generate further interactions. The problem with this is having the resources to monitor and manage every channel. 
By integrating your social media with the dialler and CRM, you can manage social interactions easily. Keeping tracking of all conversations across a variety of different communication channels.
SQL Filter: Using our SQL feature you can separate large data sets into smaller segments. This can allow you to run more specific campaigns, eg if you wanted to call men in their early 30’s who live in London (depending on how detailed your data is).
Using this functionality you can improve success rates and gather further information for that data in the CRM.


A CRM is, without doubt, one of the most important pieces of software for call centres. CRM Systems Empower Call Centres to help improve the performance of your call centre and keep it organised. Integrating with other software such as a predictive dialler can further improve the speed and accuracy of maintaining data.
With the correct setup and software, your call centre can focus on generating leads and hitting sales targets rather than worrying about data maintenance.

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