New Feature: Website Chat to Dialler

We’ve added a new feature to our dialler which allows users to respond to website chat messages within the platform. This should allow our customers to add additional channels of communication, gaining more leads and increasing the chances of conversion.
Clients who have websites can now give visitors the opportunity to message agents online. 

How Website Chat to Dialler works

After adding the code to your website, a branded chat message box will appear.
A customer can then enter their details and the message will be sent to the dialler.
The chat will enter the queue and when an agent becomes available they will be connected to the conversation.
Here the agent can reply to the messages by typing and pressing send.
Once done the agent or customer can close the chat and the conversation will end.
The agent will then be available to carry on taking calls and chats.

How can website chat to dialler help?

By adding a website chat to dialler feature to your website can allow your call centre to develop new methods of communication. This will allow you to generate further leads and increase conversions.
Integrating the website chat to dialler will make it easier to manage chats and calls more efficiently as you will only have to manage one platform. This will reduce the chances of missing chats or having to dedicate an agent that will have to wait for chats to come through the website.
As the chats blend into the dialler queue it will choose one of the available agents at random, then stop them from receiving calls so they can focus on the chat.


Can the chat be rebranded?
Yes, the chat can be rebranded to show your logo and use your colour scheme.
How do I add the website chat to dialler to my site?
We will provide you with some custom code which you can add to your website.
Can I choose which agents get chats?
Some agents may have better writing skills than others, which could make them ideal for dealing with chats. You can create a group with agents for both calls and chats.
Can agents handle multiple chats?
Yes, agents will be able to handle more than 1 chat and if required join ongoing chats.
If you’d like to speak to us about our hosted dialler. and any other features, feel free to get in touch. Our various contact details can be found here:

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