6 Tips for Agents Using our Mobile-Friendly Dialler

Following the launch of our mobile-friendly dialler, we’ve put together some tips for agents working from home.

Prepare with a Notebook, Pen and Spare Pen

Without a computer to enter data, you will need to make notes about calls to update the CRM. It’s wise to have a notebook and pen to hand, this will allow you to make notes during and after the call.
We’d also recommend having a spare pen or pencil as often pens can dry up and stop working. This could lead to panic during calls and put off potential leads.

Find a Good Working Area

To stay focused, agents should set up in a working environment. This means keeping away from the TV and other household noise.
If you have kids who can entertain themselves it would be worthwhile letting them know not to disturb you during certain times.

Charge Mobile Phone

An obvious one, it goes without saying that you need to make sure you’re mobile phone is charged to avoid calls being cut off.
If your phone is not charged you might not be able to work and therefore have to take holiday or miss out on pay.

Notify Friends and Family

If you’re likely to be on the phone all day it might be wise to let close friends and family know. This will avoid the possibility of agents being disturbed or creating a panic that people can’t get in contact with you.

Maintain a Strong Wifi Signal

A strong internet connection will keep call quality high. Try to keep in a good distance to your router or make sure your mobile internet has a strong signal.
If your quiet space has poor wifi reception, it might be worth investing in a wifi signal booster.

Use Handsfree

Where possible we encourage agents to use handsfree calling by using headphones. This will free up your hands to make any notes you might need.
By being handsfree you can feel more relaxed and allow you to do more such as drinking a nice cup of tea.
If you’re not using our mobile-friendly dialler already and would like to know more, please contact us using the following:
Speak to Abdul either by phone or email on:
+44 161 710 2740

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