What to Look for When Choosing a Predictive Dialler

Choosing a Predictive dialler can be a difficult task, with some much to consider we’ve written a blog with some key points.

What is a Predictive Dialler?

A predictive dialler is used to make large amounts of outbound calls from a list of numbers. The dialler uses algorithms to manage information and allow you to get the most out of your data. Features such as automatic call recycling, for example, can take numbers that are ‘no answer’ and re-add them to the dialling queue a few hours later.
A predictive dialler can minimise the agent wait time duration as it can dial at speeds which are comfortable for your call centre. The agents won’t have to wait in between the conversations; the process can be smooth and error-free.  Leading to increased sales, productivity and conversions.
When choosing a predictive dialler, consider the following elements to get the best product:

Advanced Features

A predictive dialler provider should offer a wide range of features so when your call centre grows, you can find further ways to improve efficiency.
Look for providers with the latest innovative features including SQL dial, Whatsapp to dialler and Facebook chat to dialler.
A dialler company that stands still and doesn’t look to innovate will often fall behind the market leaders. Keep an eye on company blogs for new features or social media accounts promoting new developments.

Integration with CRM

To increase performance within your call centre you will need to integrate your hosted dialler with your CRM. This will allow you to update records easily within the dialler and make the data entry process manageable and efficient.
Look for a provider which integrates with various CRMs, if you can’t see the one you use, make a note to ask the question when you speak with the provider.
If a dialler provider has an in house development team it will be able to quickly create a solution to connect them together. It also shows that they have the ability to develop custom features.

Focus on technical support

There is no point having a fancy dialler which does everything you could dream of if you don’t know how to use it. Look for a dialler provider which offers knowledgable support for free.
Something else to look for is their availability if the provider is based abroad then you will need 24/7 support to be available during your working hours.
Having support resources such as videos is also a good sign of companies investing in their support infrastructure. To learn about how good their support is, I would check out independent reviews on places such as Capterra.

Free Trials

Companies that offer free trials show faith in their system. It can allow you to check out the software before making the switch. This way you know it can do what it says it does before switching over your whole operation.

No Long Term Commitments

Look for a provider which doesn’t tie you into long term contracts. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to move if the service is bad. This puts pressure on a provider to provide a high-quality service or risk losing the client to a competitor.


Considering the information above and then taking on board pricing hopefully you know what to look for when choosing a predictive dialler.
Independent review sites such as Capterra can also give a greater insight into the provider based on users past experiences. Flagging any potential problems or lack of features.
If you have any additional things which you think we might have missed, get in touch and we can add them to our blog.

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