8 reasons to upgrade from manual dialling

8 Reasons your Call Centre Should Upgrade from Manual Dialling

When starting a call centre, keeping costs down is usually key to getting up and running. However, as productivity increases, you will soon need to upgrade from manual dialling to predictive dialling.
Here are 8 reasons why your call centre should consider upgrading from manual dialling:

Improve Efficiency

Manual dialling is a slow task and agents can often take advantage of gaps in-between calls and productivity can suffer. By upgrading to a predictive dialler the calls will continue to flow with minimal effort reducing the need to find numbers that answer.

Improve Accuracy

Depending on the method of making calls, manual dialling could lead to mistakes. If the agent has to manually input the number, this could cause errors, leading to potential calls to people without consent.

Data Penetration

Obtaining data to which complies with the latest GDPR and OFCOM rules and regulations is difficult. Call centres will need to get the most out of data sets, therefore a predictive dialler makes sense. It allows you to disposition calls (mark no answer, call back later, do not call etc), making it easy to reload data sets and call back the ones you need.

Increase Motivation

Agents dialling manually that take on an abusive call can let it affect them as they have time to think about what happened. A predictive dialler will continue to feed calls and minimise the time that agents have to think about individual calls. Moving on from difficult calls quickly can keep motivation higher.
By being able to handle increased calls there is a higher chance of agents hitting targets and obtaining rewards.
Dialling numbers which don’t answer can be tedious and cause boredom which could lead to lower motivation and fewer chances of conversion.

Monitor Agents More Efficiently

By using a phone system instead of a specifically designed dialler, you will not have access to in-depth dialler specific reporting tools. Without the advanced reports keeping track of employees and monitoring success rates is difficult and time-consuming.

Custom Integration

Most dialler providers offer the ability to integrate with your existing software. This could be as simple as connecting to your CRM. A manual phone system is unlikely to have this functionality meaning that you will have to find the records yourself before the call, increasing the time it takes to make a call.

Advanced Features

Many diallers have advanced features that will help make your call centre perform better. This could be website chat integration (handle chats in dialler), SQL dial to create more targeted campaigns and WhatsApp integration.
These additional features help make it easier to manage your call centre activity helping you to focus on generating sales rather than admin tasks.

Increase in Sales

As a result of upgrading your dialler, you’re likely to see conversions increase and lead to a further increase in sales.
This is a result of minimising time in between calls and managing calls and data more effectively.


These are the top 8 reasons we believe manual dialling call centres should look to upgrade to a predictive dialler.
According to Wikipedia manual dialling produces an idle time (between call time) around 20 minutes per hour. Whilst predictive dialling can minimise idle time to 3 minutes. This drastically increases productivity throughout the day and gets the most out of agents.
If you would like to learn more about predictive diallers, speak to Abdul on any of the following:

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