Why Clients in Pakistan and India Prefer Primo Dialler

We recently spoke with some of our call centre clients who are based in Pakistan and India to understand their purchasing decisions. This will allow us to highlight the key selling points to the right audience. 

What we discovered was the following: 

British Brands have Trustworthy Reputations 

Due to the fact our headquarters is based in the UK and our industry is heavily regulated, we demonstrate that we are a trustworthy company that needs to follow rules. 

As a registered company we have history and therefore prove we are a stable company and have been around for a lengthy period of time. 

When you run a call centre and employ many staff, it is important to have a solution which follows the rules, invests in security, and has high uptime. 

Full Billing Visibility 

Some international providers do not allow you to explore itemised billing, so if there is a discrepancy with billing. There is no ability to find out what call was responsible for the issue. So, if there was a premium rate number called then your call costs could be high without being able to identify the cause. 

We offer full billing breakdowns so you can examine every call to make sure you are charged the right price and it matches up with the rates. 

Privacy Protection 

Several of our clients have flagged with us potential issues with privacy as in some cases they have had their data or CDR’s sold onto other clients without their knowing. Primo Dialler WILL NEVER do anything to compromise the data of our users. We abide by strict privacy rules and would only examine data if requested by our clients for support queries.  

24/7 Support 

Due to having a global client base Primo Dialler provide 24/7 support. This covers several different time zones. 
We often find countries that focus solely on national clients, will only operate within their time zones. Any call centre running campaigns internationally e.g. UK or USA are most likely to be operating during those times. This means that if their dialler was to experience issues, support would be difficult to speak with.  

99.9% Uptime 

Primo Dialler put a lot of focus in providing a quality network, which is supported by a knowledgeable support team to help you stay online.  

Budget providers don’t often have the resources to reinvest into the network.  

Therefore, they skip on fail safes and security which could lead to large amounts of down time. 

Unlimited Channels 

Following on from the previous point, another limitation of small networks is their capacity to scale. Therefore, peak times lead to bottle necks on the network which cause frustrations when you need to increase the amounts of calls. 

CLI Provided 

International call centres often provides services to the UK or USA, which often requires the use of numbers from that destination. Primo Dialler can often get hold of these CLI’s with ease. This can drastically increase the connection rates of calls. 

However local providers without a reputation have difficulty obtaining these numbers which can heavily effect campaigns. 

Considering all the above, one of the main draws of local providers is price. However, when you add up the downtimes, the lack of local CLI’s, breaches in privacy and the selling of your data. There are huge risks which could have long term effects on your business.  

If you would like to learn more about Primo Dialler and how we can help your call centre grow. Visit our website www.primodialler.com or contact us on the following: 

E: hello@primodialler.com 

UK Number: +441617102740

US Number:  +13476952823
SA Number: +27311091921   

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