Primo End of Year Message

Primo End of Year Message 

It goes without saying this has been a difficult year for many businesses across the world. As a global provider we’ve had insights into how each country has adapted to work around lockdowns and avoid being infected by Covid-19. 

Here at Primo we moved extremely quickly, not just to help our customers but to also protect the wellbeing of our staff.  

We’re proud of the fact we were able to redesign our software to make it mobile friendly and launch our first app. This has helped many call centres adjust to being able to work remotely. It’s not only helped protect Primo’s revenue, but it also kept many businesses operating and keeping people employed.  

This act also helped Primo attract a new wave of clients, where their existing software couldn’t adapt to remote working. As a forward thinking company we are constantly looking at ways to improve the software and help increase clients performance. If you win, we both win and together we create long lasting relationships. 

A special mention to our staff who have gone on to adapt to working from home, returning to the office and abiding by social distancing rules. At times we’ve all been a little confused and our day to day life has been flipped on it’s head. Everyone has been respectful, played by the rules and thankfully we’ve had no outbreaks within the office. 

Behind the scenes Primo are working on some exciting developments. We’re putting together a complete redesign built on our new architecture. Giving us more control over the platform and the ability to add even greater security and a host of new features. Fingers crossed we can avoid global disruptions and this could be with you during 2021. 

As the year draws to a close, I’d like to thank our customers for your continued support, without you there would be no Primo. We always try to put our customers first in everything we do, take feedback on board and find ways we can improve the service we offer. We hope that you’ve managed to adapt to the challenges this year and look forward to continue to work with you in the new year. 

Mohammed Mashadi

Head of Strategy

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