What to look for in a Hosted Dialler in 2021

2020 was a fascinating year, I don’t think anyone has experienced anything like it within their lifetime. Our freedom of movement and the things we have taken for granted have been greatly reduced.

The Call Centre industry has been greatly impacted by the pandemic as some call centres have been unable to open and employees told to work from home. Some call centres have therefore had to adapt to continue to generate revenue.

Without knowing what the future holds, many call centres are looking for hosted dialler software which has adapted and offers remote working abilites. Therefore in this blog we look at the key things to look for in a hosted dialler in 2021? 

This leads me on to my first point:

Remote Working Capabilities

It goes without saying that the most important feature of a dialler in the current climate is the ability to work remotely. When the first lockdown happened call centres were stuck with existing software, if it didn’t have remote features they struggled. Call centres have generally been in house operations where agents can easily be monitored and have access to suitable equipment.

Some hosted dialler companies adapted and were quickly able to provide suitable solutions to their clients. This allowed them to shift their agents efficiently to remote working strategies. Furthermore, this meant that agents no longer needed equipment such as computers as they could login using their mobile phone.

Primo Dialler for example invest heavily in product development and we quickly adapted our solution to match up with call centre challenges.

As the world continues to fight the pandemic, it’s clear that call centres need to find a way to work without having their offices as a focal point. Therefore, a must when looking for a hosted dialler in 2021 is remote working capabilities.

24/7 Support

Following on from the remote working point above, having access to fast and knowledgeable support 24/7 is also key. As a global provider of call centre software, we have to be available as and when you need us.

With agents switching to remote working, support needs to be available to make transitions as smooth as possible.

Due to our security protocols for example, agents might need additional action IP whitelisting. This will stop unrestricted access to the dialler. A manager would usually be responsible for this, however, if they are unavailable for any reason, then support is there to help you.

Independent 5 Star Reviews and Industry Award Nominations

With a range of software available on the internet it’s important to do your research on hosted dialler providers to find the best solution. One of the ways to go about this is reviews from trustworthy sources.

A specialist software review platform such as Capterra is ideal in this situation. They add a great deal of vetting when reviews are submitted and provide a great resource to see customer feedback.

Companies nominated for credible industry awards also add a great deal of credibility to the services they provide. They often have to be well vetted to be considered for awards so quality of service is often good.

Product Development

It’s important to look for a hosted dialler provider who actively invests in its software and continues to create value for it’s clients.

Those software providers who didn’t invest in remote working capabilities have continued to lose clients. As we don’t know what the future holds, making sure your dialler provider continues to move forward will give you confidence they can adapt to different situations.

Investing in training and development for software and suddenly finding it not fit for purpose, could result in your business not being able to cope with changes in the environment.


A key buzzword in the tech industry is ‘Omni-channel’ this refers to software which can work together and operate in a single application. To do this, software needs to be able to integrate with other platforms usually involving an API.

Our dialler for example can integrate with various CRMs such as Salesforce and Zoho. It can also integrate with other applications such as Facebook and Whatsapp.

Proactive Marketing

Whilst not something you’d usually look for when looking to buy a product, a company that is often proactive with their marketing demonstrates two things. Firstly, it shows they have the resources to invest in a marketing team. Secondly it shows that they have things to talk about and that the company is looking for ways to grow their brand.

Conclusion: What to look for a hosted dialler in 2021

The past 12 months have really been tough for businesses across the world. Call centres without the ability to work from home have been badly affected. At Primo Dialler we quickly adapted our solution to give our clients the ability to work remotely if needed. Potentially saving thousands of jobs.

For dialler providers that failed to invest within their software, many call centres have been caught out and unable to dial.

If you’re on the lookout for a dialler in 2021, why not check out Primo Dialler? Our mobile friendly solution can help your call centre work remotely. It even has it’s own Android app! We’re a forward thinking company that is constantly looking for ways to improve our solutions. Leading to a better service for our clients.

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