Remote Working Tips for Our Contact Centre Clients

The entire support team at Primo Dialler have had to adjust and begin working from home, for the safety of others and themselves. 

With busy days, everyday; we found a way to make it work. 

A lot of call-centres are still working from home, so we want to make sure you’re utilising the best features of our dialler to get the best out of the software. 

So here are some remote working tips for contact centre clients: 

Lead Distribution 

If you prefer each agent having their own leads, have you tried assigning those leads an owner? 

That’ll mean each agent has an allocated amount of leads to them that the data uploader/distributor can set. Want to give Bruce 100 leads and Clark 50? You can do that. Want to give Bruce 149 and Clark 1? You can do that as well. 

You can also do this through an API post and have the entire process automated. 

Agent Performance 

When you can’t see your agents, the ability to provide critical feedback, check performance and offer your valuable sales feedback begins to dwindle. 

No fear though! Your Primo Dialler comes equipped with a detailed performance report, built-in live call monitoring/whispering and an internal chat that you can use manager to agent or agent to agent. 

We’re still working on the power to send GIFs though… you know how much we love them. 

Built-in (Agent Panel) Wallboard 

Being away from your team makes it hard to compare performance. In the words of the Highlanders, “there can only be one! (leader in sales)” 

Our team has created a wallboard viewable within the agent panel, to give all agents a small glimpse on how their colleagues are performing. Can’t see it? Let us know and we’ll put it in for you. 

Automate everything that can be automated... let us help! 

Tedious email to send after a productive chat? 

Having to enter the same fields, again and again? 

This is where that automation comes in. Click the SALE status and send all customer information straight to where it needs to go. Send an SMS to your new customer to confirm the details. 

No need to manually update the CRM – who’s got time for that these days? Get in contact with our Primo team and see what we can do to help. 

Our support team are accessible over a variety of channels 

If you’ve heard it before, you’ll hear it again. 

You can reach us in practically every way, Skype, website live chat, calling in, emailing in. You can find all the colourful ways to reach us, here

Got any other thoughts? 

We’re all ears! Remote office might be the new office for some. 

Let’s do what we can to make it cosy.  

Let us know your ideas, maybe it’s already been done.. maybe it’s waiting to be done. 

If you don’t ask, you don’t get. 

About Isaac

Isaac is the Head of Support at Primo Dialler. With a background in data analytics and consumer behaviour matched with practical experience.

Specialising in maximising lead efficiency and team performance. Need platform consultation?

Find Isaac on LinkedIn;

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