Customer Service Update

Exciting news,
We’re changing the way we do our support – Better for you, better for us!
We’re very excited to announce some huge changes to the channels available to you and the ease of reaching a support technician in real-time, 24/7. 
In an industry like ours, instant support and communication is crucial. Introducing our three new support channels –

Interacting with any of these channels will connect you to the next available support technician, ready to handle your query.

These will be used to eliminate the usage of Skype to provide more accurate troubleshooting and a quicker resolution.

However, that’s not all.

We’re introducing a new member to our team, Evie! 

Evie is a know-it-all, fast-talking, troubleshooting A.I that’s able to offer you and your team the support you need through articles, videos or old-fashioned chatting. 

You’ll be able to chat with Evie (optional) through any one of our live chat channels found on your platform, or as mentioned above.

We’ll begin transitioning off this channel from the 15th November and onwards. 

We’ve grown a lot the past five years, and with growth comes necessary change. We love the feedback we receive, taking it on board and creating a unique experience. We thank you for being a part of this journey with us. 

Absolutely! How else will we find out what the weathers like over there?  

Our official launch date is 22nd November 2021, however you’re welcome to use these channels prior to that date. 

This year has been one unlike all others, and we’ve received a lot of feedback. This feedback has been heard, planned and implemented. Our goal as a support team is to provide the quickest resolution in the simplest manner possible and upon research and analytics of our team performance, this is how we can provide that.  

Need to Get in Contact?

UK: +44 161 710 2740 

US: +1 347 695 2823

SA: +27 311 091 921


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