New Feature: Live Virtual Tour

New Feature: Live Virtual Tour

During the last year we have been working on implementing an easier way to start using the platform. We identified that our onboarding process needed a makeover and that everyone learns in different ways. We’re excited to announce our new live virtual tour! This feature will allow admin users an interactive guide on the dashboard, highlighting the key areas of the portal.

The virtual tour will on move forward at the users own pace. Allowing them to learn whilst doing, rather than watching someone do it for them. We believe that this feature will make our portal even easier to use, helping customers understand the portal in greater detail. Even if you leave the portal and come back, you can continue where you left off.

When you login for the first time or use an incognito window, you can see the following screen which gives you the option of the virtual tour.


Once you click start it will guide you through what we believe is the best learning steps. The screenshot below shows it highlighting areas and annotations popping up. Once you are happy you can click next at your own pace.


The virtual tour will guide you through our hosted dialler and even allow you to set up certain features during the process. For example, the first input box requires you to set up an agent, you can enter the information and follow through with this process. 


The virtual tour lasts approximately 45 minutes, however it all depends on the speed you wish to go through.

As a forward-thinking predictive dialler provider, we take all feedback on board and assess which area of development we should focus on next. Improving the on-boarding process will be crucial to growing our customer base and allowing us to make further investments in the business. 

If you have any feedback about the virtual tour or any other part of our service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via Visit for more details.

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