Do you know what CDR theft is?

Do you know what CDR theft is?

CDR Theft is a common problem throughout the world causing issues for many contact centers.

So, what’s CDR Theft?

This is the process where a dialer provider might look through your CDR records and pull the best data such as answered calls and sell them to other contact centers.

Why is this a problem?

Firstly, it breaks several data protection laws due to the person not obtaining the compliance from the customer.

If you’re buying someone elses data, there is a high probability that they are selling yours.

This can often lead to numbers receiving a large volume of calls and numbers being flagged as spam.

It’s a risky strategy to undertake as there is a high probability your call center will be reported. Without proof of obtaining data, you could be prosecuted under data protection laws.

How Primo Dialer Combat this?

At Primo dialler we will NEVER share your data with anyone. We hold our company to the highest of standards, protecting our reputation and the future of our business.

When it comes to handling data we encourage and guide contact center managers to prepare and upload their own records. This avoids data being misplaced or errors being made on local machines.

We also abide by key data protection laws in which we comply with rules and regulations. Failure to comply with rules can often lead to large fines or even worse case prison time. Therefore, we take data handling extremely seriously.

What could happen if I obtain CDR’s from my dialer provider?

We highly recommend you avoid buying or accepting CDRs which you can’t prove consent. Calling data could cause you to run afoul of many data protection laws and could cause large fines or even in some severe cases imprisonment.

The data will most likely be sold multiple times, which means they might have been contacted several times, leading to a frustrated contact. The conversion rate could therefore get lower depending how many times it’s been sold.

If the CDR’s have already been called multiple times it also increases the chances of being flagged as spam, leading to complaints about your contact center.

Finally, if the dialer provider is happy to take results from other contact centers, they are almost certain to be taking records from yours! This could be taking transfers, listening to messages that work, spying on call recordings.

How to Find a Reputable Dialer Provider

One of the most common ways to find a reputable dialer is to look at independent review sites such as Capterra. This should give you an idea of the level of service, the dialer itself and if there are any warnings.

Usually, dialer providers who are willing to break the rules will no doubt have other red flags such as poor service.

Look for bigger companies that invest in the software, marketing etc. The bigger companies will have a focus on growth, expanding teams and attending events such as expo’s. These companies have more to lose and so abiding by rules and regulations will be important.

Look for people willing to put a face behind the brand, companies generally looking to break rules will hide names and people and it will be difficult to get video calls or face to face meetings.

If you are worried about your CDR’s with a current provider or if they have offered you some in the past. We’d advise looking for a new dialer provider.

Why not learn about Primo?

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