What is Jornaya’s TCPA Guardian and How Can it Help Protect your Contact Center 

What is Jornaya’s TCPA Guardian and How Can it Help Protect your Contact Center

One of the key practices of long-term successful contact centers is to abiding to strict laws around the industry. This includes making sure your data is used in accordance to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). A key part of this is being able to provide proof of consent in the event of a complaint.

What is TCPA?

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), passed in 1991, requires prior express written consent for non-emergency autodialled, pre-recorded, or artificial voice calls to wireless phone numbers, as well as for pre-recorded telemarketing calls to residential wireline numbers.

In short, this means you need to have obtained consent to call and be able to prove it if questioned.

What is Jornaya’s TCPA Guardian?

Jornaya’s TCPA is software allows users to verify TCPA consent in real-time. Therefore, contact centers know which leads to dial through automated software and which ones to dial manually or reach out through another channel.

In the event of a complaint, users can quickly obtain a compliance report that includes a detailed summary of the lead event, disclosing the lead event which captured the details witnessed by Jornaya.

They have patented visual playback technology which can show how and when the event occurred.

How Can it Help Protect your Contact Center?

There are two ways it can help, firstly; it gives you preventative measures allowing you to only select those that have fully opted in and with proof to match.

This means that you are totally compliant when running campaigns as you always have the proof to fall back on.

The second way it helps is that you can easily deal with any complaints, for example if someone was to say that they didn’t give consent. You can search the database to find the user and the matching video can be provided.

By adopting both measures, contact centers can rest assured that they are operating on the right side of compliance and adding a great deal of protection.

Jornaya is an excellent addition to Primo Dialler services, allowing you to stay compliant and quickly prove consent in real-time using visual playback.

To learn more about this software visit: https://www.jornaya.com/products/tcpa-guardian/

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