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Build Crystal-Clear, User Friendly

Navigation of Phone System

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Primo Dialler will work with you to ensure that your IVR system is fit for purpose and delivers a great user experience. We can help you set up IVR routines that can route inbound calls based on your agents skill sets, campaigns or any other criteria that you would like to specify.

We can even set up an IVR to automate the customer experience without the need to speak to an agent, such as paying bills or relaying information. At Primo Dialler we will guide you and help you create an IVR system that follows industry best practices while also meeting the needs of your business.

Having a sophisticated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system for your business that is tailored to both your needs and the needs of your customers can make a huge difference to the operational efficiencies of your organisation and how your customers perceive you. This is what we can do:

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Better Customer Service

A well designed and easy to follow IVR system will help make your customers lives easier by providing them with an intuitive solution that lets them get the information or complete the tasks that they need to.

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Designed For Your Customers

We work closely with you to fully understand the customer experience. Once we know what you are trying to achieve, we design and build an IVR platform to help you achieve it. Everything is designed with your customers in mind and we place a strong emphasis on keeping things simple. This means that we will make your IVR system easy to understand so that your callers get to the right department as quickly as possible.

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Deal With ALL Your Calls

A well-planned IVR system will mean that your customers are never faced with an answer machine where the majority of callers will hang up. An easy to understand navigation menu will direct them to the right place and to the right agent who can answer their query. This means that you don’t miss important calls and your customers are not left in the dark.

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Operational Efficiency

By answering calls that your teams can deal with rather than being tasked with taking calls and passing them on to other areas of your business, you are ensuring that the best use of their time is being exercised at all times. This will make them more efficient and focused on the job in hand.

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Reduce Call Times

Saving time is a crucial factor of any call centre operation and by dealing with your calls as quickly and efficiently as possible; your teams can be more effective and work at a better place. Routing relevant calls to them and giving your customers access to the right information when they need it will help reduce your call times and streamline your processes.

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Save Costs

IVR systems can help reduce live agent call costs by taking over simple functions and automating them, this means your call centre staff will be free to deal with customer queries. Another benefit of an IVR platform is that there is little to no ongoing maintenance cost.

Improve your Customer Experience

As a business owner, one of your top priorities should be making sure your customers receive an excellent quality service at all times, and our solutions can help. When your business grows, so can our system, all with the goal of improving your operations and ensuring your customers are provided with a great experience.