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Marketing and Lead Gen

We have designed a custom dialler setup for marketing and lead generation companies. We know how important it is to connect to as much data as possible, convert and transfer leads.

Key features include automated remarketing strategies, dynamic scripting and powerful real-time analytics.

Get more out of your data and drive conversions.

Primo Dialler clients who use a specialist dialler for marketing and lead generation report a 35% to 320% rise in contact rates. Combined with powerful features and artificial intelligence customers naturally make more transfers and close more leads.

marketing and lead generation
Powerful Real-Time Analytics

Powerful Real-Time Analytics, Make Decisions Faster

By reacting to the powerful real-time analytics, your marketing and lead generation contact centre can quickly shift focus to get the most out of your resources.

You can make strategic decisions based around the data from your leads, agents or lists at any time. Helping you to work out your return on investment and make improvements accordingly.

Use the Right Features to Drive Leads

Using advanced features such as dynamic disposition-based redialling, automated remarketing strategies and smart scripting you can connect to the right leads. This will lead to higher percentage conversion rates and increased revenue.

Drive Leads


CRM and Dialler Integration

At Primo Dialler we offer a full range of CRM integration solutions and software, for instance. Software that allows our predictive dialler solution to communicate with your existing CRM.

Disaster Recovery

Our disaster recovery systems use cloud technology to make sure that your dialler is available, whenever you need it.

Dialler Reporting & Analytics

Our predictive dialling technology can provide you with a host of reports and analytics. So much so that you will be well-inform when decision making. As a result this will help you manage your teams effectively.

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