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Predictive Dialler Technology Developed

with our Customers in Mind

“When you decide to work with Primo Dialler we will be with you from day one and then support you throughout the journey”

Since 2007 we have provided dialler solutions to a large number of multi-national corporations as well as many small to medium sized enterprises across a wide range of industries.

Our chief aim has been to make these businesses more efficient and profitable and we are happy to report that we’ve done this. Working with clients like SLM Connect, Thomson Local and the Islamic Bank of Britain has enabled them to expand their business, improve their customer contact rates and manage their data more effectively.

Our predictive dialler technology has been developed with our customers in mind and now what was previously complex and repetitive in their processes has been simplified and streamlined.

Client Testimonials

SLM Connect

SLM Connect

"Primo Dialler is the only company you need to speak to when you are looking to start a call centre or switch your call centre operations to an agile, dependable and feature-rich platform that will change the way your organisation works forever. Stunning and simple agent interfaces coupled with precise control for dialler managers and reports that make managers squeal with joy, it’s the dialling platform of the future. We've just implemented it for 100 agents, you should too."

Sambora Communications

Sambora Communications

"The Primo Dialler dialler has allowed us to seamlessly integrate several teams of agents whilst growing our business.

Since using the dialler, our production has increased dramatically. Agents are now 250% more productive. We are profiting from inflated generation without the costly prices that often pursue by simply managing our data much more efficiently.

Primo Dialler's Technical Support Group are not only responsive but dedicated to dealing with many problems call centres can face. They have helped Sambora grow to a new level of excellence."

Diamond Data Solutions

Diamond Data Solutions

"As a data and lead generation company ourselves, phone lines and dialler systems are essential. We need high performing software and that is what we have found with Primo Dialler. Reliable and friendly as well as being at the cutting edge of the industry technology is not only why we will continue to use Primo Dialler, but why we would recommend them to anyone.

At Diamond we consider ourselves industry leading and the same can certainly be said for Primo Dialler."

Our Ethos

At Primo Dialler we recognise that the marketplace is highly competitive and that gaining a leading-edge is critical if you want to stay ahead of the competition. This is why we have made our software as flexible as possible in order that it can be tailored and changed quickly to suit the ever-changing needs of our clients.

We always have one eye on the future at Primo Dialler and when you work with us you will see that looking after our customers, advising you on future developments and providing you with ongoing expert support is all part of the world class service we offer to our highly valued customers.