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Secure and Reliable Software Protection

All Our Platforms Are Fully Compliant


At Primo Dialler we take your security and the security of your customers very seriously. We are completely dedicated to ensuring that all our platforms are fully compliant with the global regulations that surround customer contact and data security.


All of the solutions that we provide are compliant-ready and you can be rest assured that our systems are robust, reliable and fit for purpose.


Our comprehensive policies and procedures not only protect the security of your data but the data of your clients as well and we provide multiple levels of security so that sensitive customer data is completely protected.


Regarding your outbound calling operation we can help you to manage do not call lists and we are fully compliant with the UK's Telephone Preference Service ensuring that no unwanted calls are made.

We have invested heavily in the security and the reliability of our solutions so that you can yield all the benefits that they bring to your business.


Everything you would expect from a leading dialler provider has been taken into account including multi-level security permissions that can be tracked through audit trails; encryption solutions designed for data protection purposes and PCI DSS compliance so that debit and credit card information can be stored securely and in line with regulations.