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Seamless, Simple, Fast

Integrate with the Primo Dialler

API’s are tools that make it possible to manage software applications while invisible to the end users. API’s are essential for communication between programs. Communication between programs will allow for seamless integration of multiple platforms.

Seamless Integration with all your Business Applications

Primo Dialler provide a flexible API ensuring we can integrate your existing CRM and other applications with our Diallers. At Primo Dialler we understand the importance of aligning your business processes. We will work with you to ensure that you are making the most out of your resources, with flawless integration of multiple platforms.

With API integration you can now automate your routine tasks, making your business run more efficiently and eliminating excessive routine admin work. Taking this next step will give your business a competitive advantage, miles ahead of your competitors.

Our platform will ensure that your dispositions, call logs and call backs are not only recorded in your dialler but your CRM too. Updating your CRM just got easier!

Send Your Leads Directly To Your Dialler
API Integration


It doesn’t end there… Automate your reporting process, we can build custom reports showing key analytical data, bespoke to your needs. You can also drill down on more specific stats and figures to make more efficient business decisions.

You may currently have 3-4 applications that you use alongside your dialler. Individually they may be fabulous, however combined will be the most powerful tool your business has used. Suddenly you will have a lot less work to do and a lot less passwords to remember.

All you need to do is tell us what you want and our experts can work with you to develop the perfect strategy, the perfect platform and the perfect dialler that will fit seamlessly into your business.

This kind of automation and integration will transform the way your business operates.

We want to ensure you stay one step ahead at all times