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Integrating your CRM databases
with a bespoke dialler

Integrating an efficient CRM into your hosted contact centre dialling solution should be a simple process and it’s a key factor to your call centre as your CRM affects customer service, marketing, managing and monitoring your business and efficiency. So what can you achieve from integrating your current CRM into your hosted contact centre?

Simple and effective user interfaces
Many CRM’s have multiple menus, pages, content and are generally difficult to pull data from. However integrating your CRM into an Primo Dialler hosted predictive dialler is another story; our user interfaces are easy to read, user-friendly and fully customisable. Time can be wasted when trying to pull data from a complicated CRM, but with our user-friendly interface, neither agent nor customer waste any time.

Be Flexible, Go further
A tailored suit always fits better than an “off the shelf” suit. That’s why here at Primo Dialler we can develop our software around your business’ needs and requirements. With many businesses often having to alter their processes due to them having to integrate with an “off the shelf” CRM, call centres often see complications and a lack of efficiency. That’s why we ensure our predictive dialling software is flexible and can fully integrate with your CRM.

Gain a holistic view of your business
Your CRM is the central storage for all of your customer data and information, it also holds the analytics and reporting on sales, marketing and customer service information. By integrating your CRM with a hosted dialling solution you can receive detailed and customised reports and access all information easy, quickly and efficiently.   

Be organised, productive and proactive by predictive dialling in conjunction with your CRM. See what we can do for you at /CRM-Integration