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SIP Technology –
Contact Centre Solutions

SIP is technology within our contact centre solutions that enables agents to make multiple calls to locations across the world without expenditure being an issue. The innovative technology allows your business to grow and expand. Benefits of SIP include the ability to maintain your local presence despite relocating your call centre to any location worldwide. Below is more of the many benefits your business can take advantage of with SIP technology…

-  Cost saving
SIP technology is very cost effective and you can obtain a saving of between 30%-40% on average.

-  Unlimited Capacity
SIP eradicates the traditional constraints of physical lines coming into your call centre. With SIP, your call centre will have limitless capacity enabling you to make more calls without storage being an issue.

-  Gain flexibility
With peaks in sales and seasonal increases in business, a higher capacity is necessary to handle these peaks. That’s why with SIP you can “pay as you consume” enabling your business to save on costs and be efficient.

-  Be faster
Both the speed and effectiveness of your dialler no longer needs to be under pressure from the amount of numbers your call centre has.

-  Quality
Because SIP can be delivered using high bandwidth connections, a higher quality of voice can be delivered from the agent to the customer.

SIP technology enables you to process multiple calls per second. This gives your call centre the ability to answer more calls, increase contact rates and increase talk time essentially resulting in higher rates of customer service and sales.

In conclusion, in comparison to ISDN (traditional landline) calls, SIP is a lot more effective and efficient. With multiple contact centre solutions adopting the technology into diallers, call centres are now managing to improve both their sales and cost saving. Is it time you incorporated SIP technology into your call centre?