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The Cloud -
Call Centre Craze

The cloud-based predictive dialler is now one of the most ingenious and in-demand items of call centre software in the industry, growing in popularity for both small and large call centres alike. Due to its outstanding functionality and plethora of beneficial features, it has changed the way call centres do business with clients and customers.

No Hardware updates and no heavy costs in I.T. with the cloud

  • Your call centre agents are able to work continuously and stay productive without the hurdle of ‘down time’ caused by a software update or maintenance work as your provider will keep your infrastructure up-to-date. Avoid heavy investments into I.T. hardware and infrastructure by moving to the cloud; concentrate on your campaigns and operations without any I.T obstacles.

What if disaster strikes? We have you covered

  • You may think that your business is safe and that disaster is highly unlikely, yet 20% of UK businesses suffer a disaster at some point and without an appropriate disaster recovery plan, your business is at risk. At Primo Dialler, we can provide you with a disaster recovery and contingency plan custom to your business, with appropriate action plans in place ready in case a disaster occurs enabling your business to be up and running again in a short space of time.

Be Flexible

  • Grow, expand and be flexible with the capacity to work from home or from anywhere in the world with the cloud contact centre solution. Improve productivity with the ability for agents to work from home, on their way to and from work or from any global destination. Strengthen and broaden your team of agents with the possibility to employ the best agents without having to take into account geographical location

Cloud contact centre solutions are the future for call centres, the wide range of innovative and efficient benefits can take your business above and beyond the rest. Find out more at: /Cloud-functionality