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Boost your Agent's Morale With
Primo Dialler's Phone Dialler Systems

Call centres have become the main driving force of many large corporations all over the world. Most of the biggest multi-national companies use their call centres to keep in touch with their customers, to introduce new products and services, as well as to promote loyalty and long term-revenues. This is the reason why there are currently thousands of people employed in call centres all over the world. The job of a call centre agent usually involves routine and a lot of repetition. They spend their entire day calling hundreds of phone numbers repeating the same information over and over again. Most managers also make sure that their agents reach a certain sales target and sometimes the pressure can be quite overwhelming. What have managers done to help boost the morale and productivity of their agents?

The Use Of Phone Dialler Systems

One of the technologies that most call centres have been using for the past many years is the phone dialler system. An automated phone dialler eliminates the time that agents spend in having to dial numbers and to wait for somebody to pick up. With a reliable and efficient phone dialler in place, it automatically dials the next number in line and it passes the call to the agent only when somebody on the other line has already picked up. The main reason why call centres make use of phone diallers is to increase the productivity of their agents. Agents are now able to focus on making presentations and closing sales instead of spending too much time waiting for the recipient to answer their calls. Studies show that phone diallers can improve a call centre's overall performance by 300% allowing the company to generate more revenue.

How Phone Dialler Systems Benefit Call Centre Agents

If you are looking for a way to help improve your employee's performance, your best solution would be to incorporate a phone dialler into your company's existing system. Before deciding on which software to invest in, you need to do some research first. One of the most highly reputed auto dialler solution providers is the Primo Dialler Group. Primo Dialler offers a wide range of innovative and state-of-the-art predictive phone dialler systems that are fully customisable to suit your company's unique requirements. How can your company benefit from Primo Dialler's innovative phone dialler system?

1.) Boost your agent's moral and productivity

The best benefit that your company can gain from acquiring Primo Dialler's phone dialler solutions is that it can help boost your agent's morale and productivity. How exactly does it do that? Once a phone dialler system is in place, agents can do away with the frustration of having to deal with dropped calls, missed calls, busy signals, errant calls or worse, dealing with unwanted calls. They only have to wait for the system to pass a live call to them thereby allowing them to concentrate on making better sales presentations and increasing their chances of making a sale.

2.) Save time and make more sales

Studies show that it takes an agent about 30 seconds to manually dial numbers on their phones or computers. It takes them another few minutes to wait for somebody to pick up on the other line. So much time wasted dialling and waiting makes an agent feel frustrated. Agents want to keep talking to customers, they want to help them fix their problems and ultimately, they want to keep making sales. The best way to ensure that your agents are always on top of their sales targets is to make sure that they make the most of their time actually making sales. A phone dialler system from Primo Dialler will help do that for you.

3.) Monitor an agent's performance

As a call centre manager, you would be happy to know that Primo Dialler's phone dialler allows you to monitor how well your agents are performing month on month. With this technology, agents are measured against numerous metrics and you will be able to view live statistics. With a better understanding of your team's performance, you can now pinpoint which of them are performing well and which of them need coaching. A phone dialler will help you become a better manager and will ultimately help your entire team achieve their sales targets.

4.) Make your agents happy

The success of your company relies heavily on how your employees work. Unsatisfied and disgruntled employees will eventually lead to bad customer service. Agents who are overworked and unhappy can make a lot of mistakes and overlook repetitive tasks. A phone dialler can fix those mistakes and remove those repetitive tasks making your agents happier, more productive and eager to work. Agent morale affects your bottom line and business operations, which is why you need to make employee development a key focus in your organisation.

Companies have now realised the fact that a phone dialler is a fundamental part of their business structure and are now investing millions of pounds to make sure that their employees are performing to the best possible standard. If you are currently considering the implementation of efficient and reliable phone dialler systems, have a look at the solutions that the Primo Dialler Group can provide your company.