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Hosted Dialler Solutions

Here at Primo Dialler we give you bespoke services from premise, hybrid and hosted dialler solutions, which comes with many winning features. A powerful management system with extensive observation tools, the user can optimise the predictive dialler by ensuring that the majority of their agents are always on call while regulating inbound call numbers.

Management teams monitor daily processes down to every second the operation is running. The management system you choose to integrate will determine your successes or failures. Our detailed management solution will allow for huge control over how your dialler runs and the areas it should be optimised. Meticulously designed; a call centre manager can see that agent A takes a two hour break instead of their agreed upon one hour and doesn’t have a high succession rate it also shows that agent B has a very high succession rate but a lower than average no. of calls. This alerts the call centre manager of the productivity of their agents and the issues they need to tackle. It all comes down to data management logistics; if you aren’t measuring the right metrics, you can’t possibly provide your customers with your best service, nor can you train your agents efficiently and you will see a decrease in sales/caller interaction.

Choosing Primo Dialler means choosing a reliable service with impressive client support. We are known for our world-class customer service and bespoke development. Each and every solution we provide to our clients is unique, specific to your needs. No dialling solution is complete without support and we are always there to answer and resolve queries 24/7. We strive to make client experiences simple and rewarding:

  • Immediate replies from our expert team after raising a ticket through our support site. Screenshots and files can be attached so you can show us in detail the root of your problem.
  • Instead of dictating instructions at you we can take control of your screen, log in and fix the problem directly which is a major time saver.
  • When calling in direct to Primo Dialler instead of using the support site we make sure to answer your calls within five rings so you still receive quick service regardless of the channel.
  • We fix most problems over the phone within five minutes and we always follow up with an email clarifying how your problem was resolved so you have a reference point if the problem occurs again.

We provide bespoke products from premise, hybrid and hosted dialler solutions alongside award winning support, for a quote, more information or even a demo get in touch today:

Call: +44 (0)161 710 2740

Email: hello@primodialler.com