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How Your Company Can Benefit From a
Virtual Predictive Dialler

Using a virtual predictive dialler is one of the best ways to increase the efficiency of your team by making it easy to receive phone calls at a much faster pace. Instead of having to dial numbers individually, predictive diallers view a particular list of phone numbers and make up to three calls per given time. These amounts of calls maximise the effectiveness of your business instantaneously.

Virtual predictive diallers also incorporate statistics to make sure that calls are made at the optimal time. This option significantly lowers the possibility of reaching a call agent that is not free to answer. Productivity of callers increases significantly after implementing a virtual predictive dialler. These diallers help by taking a number of issues into account, such as average call time, average call waiting time, as well as callers and lines that are available.

A virtual predictive dialler is based over the Internet, which means that there is no need for any software or hardware on the company's computers. All that is required is a stable Internet connection and a team that is ready to work on the calls. A team will make up to three times the amount of calls that would occur with a normal method of answering and dialling.

This method of contact is vital for companies and organisations that have the intention of increasing productivity and sales. It is also great for groups that need to gather data from polls or surveys. Market researches also benefit from the use of predictive diallers. Virtual predictive diallers are a cost effective way to advance your call handling system.

The reason that predictive diallers have become so popular is that they save companies an incremental amount of time. Companies require fewer call centre agents when using this technique since a smaller team can handle the same amount of calls. It completely eliminates the inefficient time spent on manually dialling. People no longer have to listen to hold melodies or automated greetings.

The way that virtual predictive diallers work is that they have a success log that stores information regarding successful calls. This log notes when calls are answered by a real person and lists the dialled number. It also monitors the length of the call in order to guess when the person will be available to talk again.

Calls that only make it through to a busy tone, answering machine or fax are discarded. The only calls that make it through to agents are ones with real people ready to communicate on the other end. Agents have so much more time to focus on important issues instead of wasting their days listening to unimportant melodies and automated voices.

Each agent can potentially double sales in an hour, increasing productivity and sales by fifty per cent. The agent doesn't have to waste any time and can go from live person to live person throughout the day, which has a huge effect on sales. Many business owners don't believe that the efficiency can increase that much until they actually try a virtual predictive dialler. However, once they decide to use the option they realise it is incredibly beneficial and do not go back to old ways.

Time spent on figuring out time management is greatly reduced by using predictive diallers. The system helps to remove unnecessary calls from your lists and also categorises valuable information such as call back and sale details. The information that is gathered in helpful in figuring out when are the optimal times of day to make calls and when sales are more effective.

Virtual predictive diallers do not require additional phone lines and can work from anywhere. They save plenty of time and space and make it cost effective for anyone that has Internet and a computer. This method of calls also helps to monitor leads and important interactions. The system remembers numbers that have been called as well as the results of the call. This feature allows for records of sales to be collected and that information can be used for various reports to benefit the company.

Customers that request to not be contacted again can be added to a "do not call" list and the service will make sure that they aren't contacted again. Alternatively, customers that ask to be called back at a later time can be added to another list and a callback can be made accordingly.

A virtual predictive dialler gets rid of the issues that are typically associated with outbound calling, which include low rates of contact and wasted time and is a great technology to raise productivity and efficiency in the workplace.