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Improve Your Customer Service
with Primo Dialler's Online Predictive Dialler


The call centre industry is currently facing stiff and rigid competition. The industry is expanding at a very fast rate and a number of different call centres have opened its doors to businesses all over the world. If you are running a call centre you are probably on your toes everyday, thinking of ways on how to improve your business and on how to always stay one step ahead of your competitors. The most successful businessmen say that the only way to keep improving your business is to make sure that your customers are well taken care of.

What are the ways in which you can improve your operations to give your customers the most excellent service possible?

Benefits of Using an Online Predictive Dialler

Predictive diallers are auto diallers that are utilised in call centres to make the call centre agent's job faster and more efficient. It works by allowing agents to upload a set of numbers into the dialler software. The software then automatically dials these numbers in sequence so that the agents do not have to manually dial each number. Studies show that it takes an agent 30 seconds to dial a number manually and another few seconds to wait for somebody to pick up on the other line. This is a very tedious and time consuming process but with the advent of online predictive diallers, call centre agents can increase their productivity by up to 300 percent.

The Features of Primo Dialler's Online Predictive Dialler

If you are currently in the market to set up an online predictive dialler for your call centre, Primo Dialler would be one of the best companies to call. Primo Dialler is a Telecoms software provider that specialises in designing the most innovative solutions for the call centre companies all over the world. We are most proud of our predictive dialler, which is a market leading and innovative predictive dialler platform designed to integrate into your business processes without disruption and with utmost efficiency.

Primo Dialler's predictive dialler is scalable to hundreds of agents so whether you are a small or a large call centre, there are no limits to your dialling potential. Our brilliant predictive dialler system makes use of cloud technology, which means that there is little to zero cash out from your end. It is the most perfect, most cost-effective solution to all your auto dialling needs.

How Primo Dialler Can Help Your Business

If you want to stay on top of your competitors, your number one priority should be to give the best service to your clients. How can Primo Dialler's online predictive dialler help your company give excellent customer service improvements? Here's how:

1.) Automatic Call Direction (ACD)

Primo Dialler incorporates an innovative multi-channel ACD routing that gives your customers the option on how they would want to interact with your agents. No matter what channel they choose, Primo Dialler's ACD connects everyone in one intelligent and unified queue.

2.) Call Monitoring

This brilliant technology allows managers to monitor their agents and to listen in on their conversations with customers. This way, they can help an agent when he is unable to help the customer by whisper coaching or by barging in when it is absolutely needed. This helps ensure that your company is giving your customers a positive experience. Studies have shown that customer satisfaction is the number one reason why customers would keep coming back to your company and would continue to spread positive reviews to people that they know. Taking care of your customer’s means taking care of your business.

3.) Customer-focused service

With Primo Dialler's online predictive dialler, call centre agents do not have to manually dial phone numbers any more. They can now do away with that tedious task and focus more on making sales presentations and on dealing with your customer's needs. When your agents are able to surpass the needs of your customers, they are going to feel valued by your company and they will keep coming back to you.

Another way in which predictive diallers can help improve your company's customer service is that they help boost the morale of your agents. Agents who constantly have to dial phone numbers and have to endure minutes of waiting are going to end up feeling frustrated. This type of job entails undue emotional strain on your employees but if you have Primo Dialler's online predictive dialler system in place, everything is automated. This way, your agents will always be in the best mood to serve your customers, they are going to experience an increase in their productivity and your company will end up generating higher revenue.