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Increased Productivity with a
Virtual Predictive Dialler

If you are looking for ways to increase the productivity of the agents in your call centre, you certainly need to consider using a virtual predictive dialler. This automated system takes a lot of the manual work out of the agents' hands so that they can concentrate on connecting with people, making sales and getting results. Do you feel like there is just too much downtime for your agents? Do you wish they could make more calls each day without having to work more hours? If so, this solution has been changing the world for all call centres.

Predicting Availability

The first thing that the virtual predictive dialler does, and the function that gives it its name, is to predict how many of the various agents in your centre are going to be unoccupied at any given time. It can do this by using a complex algorithm that takes into account all manner of things, from the number of agents that you have to the average amount of time spent on any call. It figures out how many calls need to be made, and then it automatically dials that many phone numbers.

Disconnecting Useless Calls

The next thing that the virtual predictive dialler will do is to discard or disconnect all of the calls that are not actually getting you anywhere. For example, out of twenty calls made, it might get ten answers from real people. Five of the other calls might go to busy lines, two more might go to disconnected lines that no longer work and the last three might go to fax machines.  It disconnects those ones because there is no reason to go any further at the time.

The beauty of this system is that it saves your agents the trouble of figuring out which calls are worth the time on their own. How long does it take for someone to look up a number, punch it in, wait to find out that it is busy or unavailable and then hang up the phone? Even if this only takes thirty seconds each time, it wastes tons of time and makes the work very repetitive, which can actually slow your agents down. They could spend half of the day dialling numbers that do not even allow them to try to make a pitch, let alone a sale. The virtual predictive dialler can do all of that work in seconds so that you do not have to pay anyone to do it.

More Connections

At the same time that the virtual predictive dialler is weeding out all of those lines that do not work, it is also connecting your agents with the ones that do. As soon as a person picks up the phone, it patches the line in to an agent who is not on his or her phone. The line beeps, alerting the agent to what happened and then they are on the phone with a prospective customer or client.

While they talk, the dialler is busy sending calls to all of the other agents who are not talking. It is constantly shuffling things around and finding agents who have just hung up so that it can connect them with another person. To the agents, it feels like this happens instantly, like they do not have to wait at all. As soon as they hang up, the dialler will have another person on the line for them to talk to. It just skips over them until they are ready, giving them a constant stream of people so that they do not have to waste any time.

A Huge Difference

Overall, this can make a huge difference in the way you run your call centre. Your agents will not feel so worn down from all of the dialling, and they will not have to manually dial, which is simply far slower than a computer can do the same task. Instead of listening to answering machines and busy signals, they actually get to talk to people and connect with them. They will find the system engaging and incredibly easy to use, and it can send their production levels soaring to new heights.

At the end of the day, you can significantly increase the amount of calls that you make because every second that an agent spends on the phone is productive. The virtual predictive dialler takes care of everything allowing your team to focus.