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Make the most
out of your calls

The majority of the general public view call centre calls as a nuisance. The public have more often than not, decided they are not interested before the agent has even had the chance to deliver a sale pitch. Therefore, utilising tactics that encourage customer engagement and attention are vital in keeping the customer on the line and not hanging up.

Below are some useful tips on how you can keep people interested during a sales call… 

  • Make calls personal
    When making a call to someone you have spoken to previously, you can adapt your sales pitch to make a personal connection.
    For example, you can make the call personal by saying “ I came across this offer and I thought it would be perfect for you” or “going back to our last call you asked for this…”
    This proves effective as customers like to feel valued and appreciated, customers who feel valued are a lot more likely to buy from your business.

  • Ensure the customer that you only need a few minutes of their time
    A lot of people don’t mind taking a call that will last a matter of minutes, however people become hesitant when they think that the call will last for a long time. Eradicate the customer’s worries by promising them that the call will last no longer than a few minutes. You may end up going a little overtime but once your midway or near the end of the sales pitch, you’ll more than likely be able to finish.

  • Provide genuine choices to boost engagement
    Whatever you’re selling, plan your call carefully before making it and consider how you’re going to target your product to your specific audience. If you’re requesting something, make your request as specific as possible but always give options for how people can answer. If they are given genuine choices, people will be more engaged in the conversation and won’t feel they’re being pressured by hard-sell tactics.

  • Be positive. Be grateful
    If you’re positive in the way you speak to the customer, they won’t mind taking your call. By expressing how grateful you are to whoever you’re calling, for taking time out from a busy schedule and you’ll likely get a good response in return. Telling someone that you’re grateful for giving you the chance to speak to them will make them feel valued.


Call centre agents are the pinnacle influencer in sales within your business. By implementing these tips you can improve your call centre agent’s skill set and therefore improve connection rates and sales!