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Reach Greater Heights with Primodialler's
Innovative Call Centre Solutions

Technology keeps on changing by the minute. Businesses must keep up to date with the latest innovations. If you are currently heading a call centre business, you have probably heard by now what predictive diallers are. However, if you are not yet convinced about having one installed, then this article just might change your mind.

What are predictive diallers and what is their impact to the call centre industry?

In traditional outbound call centres, agents dial numbers one at a time until a call is answered. Only a small portion of these calls are answered. Sometimes agents are kept waiting endlessly, sometimes they get busy signals, fax machines and answering machines. It is a frustrating, tedious and time-consuming task. Typically, agents are engaged in conversation for about 40 minutes per hour.

When the predictive dialler came into the picture, most of the large companies jumped at the chance to have one installed into their system. These companies immediately experienced a number of benefits that helped improve their business operations.

How exactly does a predictive dialler improve a call centre's operations?

Predictive diallers contact multiple numbers at a time. These numbers are uploaded into software which allows the system to continuously dial them in sequence. Once somebody on the other line picks up, the call is automatically passed on to a waiting agent. The major advantage of predictive diallers is that it has the ability to predict when the next call will get connected and when the next agent will likely be available to take the next call. Using sophisticated algorithms, the predictive dialler determines the best pacing for outbound calls. It maximises the time that agents use in engaging in conversation with their customer’s thereby improving customer satisfaction, enhancing their productivity and increasing the company's overall revenue.

What are the features and benefits that you can get from Primodialler's predictive dialler?

If you are currently looking for the best predictive dialler to invest in, look no further than Primodialler. This company is the market leader in providing the most innovative predictive dialler platform, which is designed to integrate into your business without disrupting your current operations. Many hosted predictive dialler reviews have given Primodialler praise for providing solutions to a number of big and small call centre companies. Here are the reasons why Primodialler is number one when it comes to predictive dialler platforms:

1.) Complete campaign control

Primodialler gives your company the power to make the smartest decisions on who to contact, when and on how to communicate with them. You get to manage and control your campaigns in the most effective way. It allows you to create a list of numbers, agents, scripts and dispositions through a simple, user-friendly and highly intuitive interface.

2.) Real-time statistics

Knowing your customers and knowing how they function is the key to success in your business. With Primodialler's graphical wall-board application, it provides your agents and managers with real-time information on which you can base your business decisions. Having access to pertinent information such as customer interaction data allows you to make decisions that can further streamline your operations and improve your company's overall performance.

3.) Scalable to thousands of agents

The beauty of using Primodialler's predictive dialler platform is that you can add agents on the fly. With our hosted predictive dialler option scaling up and growing your operations has never been simpler or more cost-effective. Primodialler''s use of cloud technology means that there is almost zero cash out on your end.

4.) Easy transfers and custom dispositions

With Primodialler's customisable dispositions, you can automate your work-flow to fit your operations specific to that certain disposition. Now you can do away with the routine tasks that are often overlooked.

Without a doubt, Primodialler's predictive dialler platform is the most efficient and most cost-effective one available in the market today. If you are looking for the best way to improve your call centre's operations, to improve your agent's productivity and to increase sales for your company, Primodialler has all the best possible solutions for your needs. Go about your business with confidence and reach greater heights hand in hand with Primodialler.