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Reasons Why Dialler Systems are
Are Beneficial to Call Centre Companies

Being in the competitive and challenging world of the call centre industry means that you have to be on your toes all the time. If you manage a large organization and you want to achieve better productivity and efficiency, you always have to be on the lookout for the latest innovations in technology that you could incorporate into your existing system. One of the most important technologies that most contact centres cannot live without is the Dialler System.

What do Dialler Systems do?

In the recent years, the call centre industry has been experiencing strong growth all over the world. The growth in business has also spurned the development of different IT solutions to support the needs of different contact centres catering to a wide range of services. One of the most basic applications that these organizations use is the automated dialler system. This technology has been in existence for quite a long time now and it has proven to be effective in boosting a company's sales and in improving a call centre agent's productivity by at least 300%. With a reliable dialler system in place, a call centre has the ability to increase sales by as much as two times in one hour.

How do Dialler Systems work?

Once a dialler system is already in place, managers simply have to input all the contact numbers that his team should call within the day. This innovative system predicts when an agent will finish his current call then it will automatically dial another number so that another agent can pick it up the moment he is done with his own call. Gone are the days of having to manually dial each number and having to wait for several minutes for the recipient to pick up. The dialler can detect disconnected phone numbers or fax machines and makes sure that only live calls are passed on to the call centre agent. This system basically ensures that there is no wasted time allowing agents to make more presentations and close more sales. Quantitative studies prove that productivity for each agent can increase from as little as 150% to as much as 400%.

What are the advantages of using Dialler Systems?

If you are seriously considering having a dialler system implemented in your current system, you should learn about the many benefits that you could get from it.

Aside from the fact that dialler systems help your agents in terms of saving time and increasing productivity, it also helps them control leads. Once a specific number has been contacted by the system, it will automatically recall the time the call was made, the outcome of that call and it will not call the customer again until the system is asked to.

Dialler systems also help in providing real-time feedback. This allows a manager to closely monitor the activity of his team members. These real-time displays give up-to-date information on statistics, inbound queues, as well as each agent's performance. Mangers can now tell which agents are performing as expected and which agents need to be coached.

Another benefit of having an efficient dialler system in place is that it helps improve the call centre agent's mood. Having to manually dial numbers and having to wait for a response can be extremely frustrating for agents. The auto dialler will help boost their morale so that they can just keep on making presentations and making sales.

Why should you choose Primo Dialler?

Primo Dialler prides itself in being able to promote trust and security in all their dialler solutions. With continuous operational testing, Primo Dialler makes sure that they provide their customers with the most excellent service possible. With secure cloud technology in place, this company ensures their clients that they make data security their number one priority. Your contact centre is protected from any possible data loss because Primo Dialler employs a multi-point fail over technology. With data backed up across 3 different high-tech sophisticated data centres in 3 different cities across 2 countries, you are assured that all your customer's information are 100% safe and secure.