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Stay in Control of Your
Predictive Dialler Solutions

Predictive dialler is an automated system that was introduced to improve efficiency in a call centre. The system works by automatically dialling a group of customer numbers and then passing the live calls to available agents. You can make use of this system to add and remove agents depending on the business needs. The automated system can be used to increase or slow down the call rate easily based on various factors. The factors considered before changing the call rate include availability of agents, availability of lines and the average call time of the campaign.

Hosted predictive dialler solutions can help improve the productivity of the call centre by taking care of all the productivity deterrents. It is a complete solution that can be deployed as a standalone product by automating all the functions of the call centre. You get complete control over the dialler and this can give you more control over your operations. The technology has changed the game for many call centres and has helped them scale new heights by focusing on their core competencies.

Benefits of Hosted Predictive Dialler Solutions

Some of the main benefits of hosted predictive dialler solutions include:

Availability and Cost Efficiency

The single point of failure is eliminated by the dialler solutions by facilitating redundancy at various levels. This ensures the highest uptime in the call centre industry as multiple telephone lines are provisioned simultaneously. The system enables you to be in complete control of the process at any point of time. Cost efficiency is improved as the technology helps eliminate maintenance and support.

Increase in Agent Productivity

Hosted predictive diallers offer real time call pacing option in a flexible manner. Remote agent support, live agent reassignment, and same agent call back facility has helped increase the productivity of agents significantly. It helps the agents handle heavy volume of calls easily as they do not waste time in each call. As the risk of abandoning good calls is reduced, agents may be able to provide a positive experience to the callers. Custom based scripts and screens can be built using this technology and this can help agents complete the call process in a systematic manner.

Quality Management and Supervision

Call logging, report monitoring and call conference features have enabled the supervisors to have a better set of capabilities to manage and guide the call centre agent. The user friendly tools can help them monitor the quality of work easily. Managers may be able to see live statistics of agents and this can help them identify agents who are performing well and those that require further training.


Dialler solutions make it easier to comply with regulatory norms such as reject and "do not call" numbers. When these numbers are automatically cleaned from the call list, it can help save a lot of time and effort resulting in improvement of agent productivity. The system also ensures that there are very low abandon rates and there are no hang up on calls that are successful.

Managing Multiple Campaigns

Hosted predictive dialler enables you to manage multiple campaigns at the same time without having to allocate additional resources. You can manage the agents on different campaigns and reallocate them depending on the change in requirements. You can make use of this technology to personalise customer experience.

Flexibility and Simplified Integration

Irrespective of the specific needs of your call centre, you may be able to integrate it easily with your existing system. The increase in flexibility helps businesses to focus more on results and strategies for growth. The call centre may also be able to scale up easily as the technology can be deployed at a fast pace.

Although there are many different types of predictive dialler solutions available in the market, it is important that you choose those that best fit your specific business needs and requirements.

Primo Dialler offers you a full line of hosted predictive dialler designed to fit your specific needs. Whether it is around the clock support, effortless implementation, usability perspective and innovative technology, we ensure that we provide you the solutions that you may need to understand and grow your business. Hosted dialler products and solutions are designed keeping in mind not just your present and future needs, but also the end user experience with your organisation.