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The Cloud Contact Centre

Integrate the Cloud into Your Call Centre.

Investing in our cloud based predictive dialler for your call centres will allow managers to have much more control over team functions. At Primo Dialler we can provide you with the technology to optimise your agents’ productivity; as the dialler is available over the internet; agents can be employed from multiple locations, you can provide flexible working hours and manage regardless of location. Managers can send the same call plan, script and CRM databases to guarantee uniformity. With real-time visibility and efficient generation of statistics, our Wall Board application allows managers to observe call times and call centre executives can review calls made that day for quality control.

Using a predictive dialler will lessen wasted time between calls; there is no need for agents to dial a number themselves as they will be connected automatically, through our sophisticated system. Predictive diallers are a manager’s dream:

  • Call logging
  • Report monitoring
  • Remote agent support
  • Live agent reassignment
  • ‘Same agent’ call back facility

These will help you direct agents accordingly to handle heavy volumes of calls and as the risk of dropping calls is reduced your agents will be able to provide a positive experience to callers. All of these functions allow for optimum supervision.

We pride ourselves on our award winning in-house support team which will maintain your network, infrastructure and software in our data centres, we can even prevent data loss by installing a built-in disaster recovery system which creates backups of your dialler on regular intervals. There is no need for new hardware which means little to no costs as it is all held over the cloud, if you are thinking of improving your contact centre business then this is the best solution for you.

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