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Primo Dialler – Bi-Annual Report (Jan to June) – 2019

We’ve had a fantastic first 6 months so far in 2019 and we’ve decided to publish a Bi-Annual report. This document should allow stakeholders (internal and external) to see what’s been happening within the company and our future plans to improve. What’s in the Report? The report looks at the following areas: Message from our Head of Sales Abdul Kawsar…


What is an Omnichannel Call Centre Solution?

Simply put, an Omnichannel call centre solution is where all your call centre software integrates together with other software to create an all-in-one solution. This includes tasks such as managing inbound and outbound calls, updating CRMs, handling SMS and generating reports. For example, if you’re using Primo Dialler’s predictive dialler and Zoho’s CRM you can connect them together so they…


How remote working could be the future of call centres?

  Working remotely can provide fantastic benefits for both employees and call centre owners and could help shape call centres of the future.  What is remote working? Remote working is where employees don’t need to be at a particular location such as an office and can work where ever they want. Most people prefer to work from home, however, you…


Why we focus on customer service to grow our predictive dialler solution

Having been involved in the industry for several years and by speaking to various predictive dialler managers, we’ve discovered some of the biggest pain points about the industry. As the industry has progressed naturally the software has got better, more intuitive and offers greater reliability. However, one thing that we found that predictive dialler providers lacked, was a high level…


Why do dialler providers tie you into long term contracts?

Traditionally, dialler providers tied customers into long term contracts. The main reason for this was due to large outlays for equipment costs. So instead of high upfront fee’s call centres could spread the cost by committing to the provider. However, as technology has progressed, hosted diallers have become the preferred option and this removes high setup costs as less equipment…

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