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Call centre

Build positive relationships with our cloud-based
call centre software

Call Centre Solutions

Build positive relationships with our cloud-based call centre software

Our contact centre solutions offer much more than just automated dialling; they help you manage your customer relationships more effectively. With multi-channel support and cloud-based solutions, your workforce is free to work remotely, helping you provide 24/7 services to your customers.

Improved Collaboration

One of the many advantages of the Primo call centre software is the ability to route calls exactly where they need to go. Customer service queries can be sent to your customer care team while new business queries can be fielded directly to your sales agents.

Reduced Costs

Using VOIP protocols and a technology that is based in the cloud, means your business can save money on the traditional infrastructure costs associated with wired telephony networks. Another benefit is that calls costs are kept low as all calls are handled over the internet.

Improved Call Handling

From your sales agents to your customer service teams, our call centre software will help your staff made more calls each hour and minimise the time spent off the phones. With the ability to analyse and track calls, managers have access to the real-time data that they need.

Small, Medium and Large Business Solutions

Whether your business is just starting out, or you are already an established brand with locations nation and worldwide, our contact centre solutions can help you reach your customers more effectively. With a built-in automated dialler, our software improves the productivity and efficiency of your staff.
Thanks to our cloud-based systems our contact centre software is easy to integrate into all types of CRM systems and gives your business access to technology that once was only available to enterprise-level companies.
For any business that has a call centre, our software provides a valuable solution that will help your business to become more efficient while improving the productivity of your staff. Some of the ways that our software helps to achieve this includes:

Reducing wasted time

Minimise the time that your sales and customer service staff spend dialling phone numbers and waiting for someone to pick up the phone. Automated diallers help to cut out this wasted time and ensure that your sales agents are speaking to the people that they should be.

Improved flexibility

Because our call centre solutions are web-based there are accessible anywhere. This means that you can offer your workforce more flexibility with options to work remotely as well as more flexible working hours to provide the cover you need when you need it. Managers are able to handle teams of agents remotely and share resources easily such as scripts to ensure uniformity.

CRM integration

One of the most important elements of any contact centre solution is the ability for it to work with your existing CRM system. The Primo Dialler has been designed to work with a comprehensive selection of CRM systems and integrate seamlessly. With real-time reporting, our call-centre solution gives you the information you need to manage relationships effectively.

Contact centre software
that supports your business

For any call or contact centre, it’s important to choose a solution that fits in with how your business works and the processes that you use. At Primo Dialler our software has built-in workflow management which allows your business to

  • Control speed and the ratio of calls
  • Allow monitoring and full management of calls
  • Call recording for training purposes
  • Automatic answer machine detection
  • Improve call efficiencies

Our predictive dialling technology is packed full of features that will integrate with your workflow and help make your call centre staff more efficient and more productive. For any business that is looking to take their call handling to the next level, small or large, our system provides the answer you’ve been looking for. One of the biggest advantages of our cloud-hosted call centre solutions is the flexibility that they give you to run your call centre the way you want to.

Our cloud-hosted contact centre software will enable you to grow your call centre with ease. Find out more by getting in touch with us today.