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"More things in business life should be this easy to work with."

-Catherine Bennett, Medical Professional at Kimal


Real-Time Feedback

Managers and peers can quickly and easily give in-the-moment feedback, proven to increase performance by up to 39%.


Primo Dialler ensures that check-ins are regular, meaningful and that action points are followed up.

Aligned SMART Objectives

SMART objectives are aligned to your overall business goals and can be updated throughout the year.

Real-Time Feedback

Quickly view the quality of objectives being set, how frequently employees are checking in, and feedback over any chosen period.

Encourage regular manager-employee conversations. Start using Clear Review.

Secure & Reliable

We use the latest data encryption technologies

No Training Needed

Our software is so intuitive that you won’t need training.

No More Paperwork

Manage everything via desktop, mobile, or browser.


Increase Workforce Performance

We assist you in facilitating every employee's personal performance through research-backed plans and objectives.

Increase Visibility of Performance Management

Our Viewpoints feature allows managers to configure a set of questions or ratings for managers to answer for each of their team members.

Increase Feedback Culture

We help you change your workplace culture into one that embraces feedback through simplicity and speed.

Dramatically Increase Your Employee Engagement & Productivity
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+1 646 574-6501
+44 161 710 2740
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