About BD Services

BD Service are a lead generation organisation, predominantly being telemarketing. We work with a lot of software clients, we work with a lot of clients teams, B2C and predominant being outbound calling.

When did you start working with Primo?

February 2022

How many agents do you currently have?

We currently have 8 agents on the campaign, but we’ve got an aggressive growth plan. So hopefully by the end of 2023 we’re looking at having 100 plus staff.

How did you hear about Primo?

This is actually a funny story. I met Abdul many, many years ago, I think at that point he was looking to employ me. 

But for some reason or another that didn’t happen. From then on I kept in contact, you know, Abdul and Mohammed, both beautiful guys, really knowledgeable, really passionate about what they did. 

I just wanted to surround myself with like-minded people. 

So I’ve always kept in contact.

Who were you using before you Primo?

I was using an organisation called Telexico. It was a friend of the other director and despite us paying almost nothing on user fees and we were only paying for call charges which were negligible. We had too much downtime with the dialler, so it would go down too often. 

The support wasn’t there.

I was going to make a move, and I knew about Abdul and Mohammed and their dialler, once I saw what your guys offer, it was an absolute no brainer paying that little bit more. To have something that was more reliable. 

What benefits have you gain since moving to Primo?

Well, almost non-existent downtime, so now my agents can actually dial. The dialer doesn’t go down. I’m able to offer my client transparency on the dialler so I can share the actual log in so they can remote listen to call recordings. 

Prehistorical recordings, live call listening, so that feature comes really handy because that becomes one of my key selling points for my clients. 

So, I think those are probably the biggest benefits here.

When joining Primo how was your setup experience?

It was pretty quick, pretty easy. 

The user interface is very friendly, it didn’t take long to get used to it. And I think, you know, there was a lot of custom support that we had and so when we contacted support to obviously get assistance on something that we didn’t know or how to use, they responded pretty quickly.

Did you need any help using our product solution? If so, how was your support experience?

Yeah, I mean we sometimes need help with the with certain solutions and generally we get responses within 10 to 15 minutes from the support team. They start working on the issues at hand pretty quickly. So, I would say I’m very much satisfied with the support level that we receive. 

As you know, we've recently changed with our support system, work with dealing with tickets and stuff like that. How has that transition been for you?

I think it’s nice to see the ticket system there because we can see the e-mail responses, we can see what’s been discussed, the overview here, what’s being worked on. 

I think the ticket system is absolutely fine.

If you were going to recommend this to anyone, what would you say?

A more cost-effective dialler solution, but no reflection on quantity, I think it’s just an amazing software it. Just helps me scale my business whenever I need. 

Have there been any cases where the software's helped you?

The main thing is offering our client’s transparency, a lot of our competitors don’t do that. 

So, when we’re able to offer transparency, say OK, you can listen to call recordings. You can listen to live call recording. You can view the stats yourself. 

You don’t have to constantly chase us for it. We will show you, will give you access. 


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