About ERC Tax Advantage

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is an American government tax credit available to employers as a reward for retaining their employees during the COVID pandemic. 

When did you start working with Primo?

October 2022

How many agents do you currently have?

3 agents

What problems were you having that Primo solved?

The hassle of generating reports. Primo generates them automatically and presents them in graphs.

What benefits have you gain since moving to Primo?

Primo Dialler has everything that we need in inbound and outbound calling and has all the customizable options.

When joining Primo how was your setup experience?

Setup is easy as the menus are well-arranged and the interface is friendlier than VICI Dial.

Did you need any help using our product solution? If so, how was your support experience?

As of the moment, no. Support is always responsive and available anytime.

Is there anything Primo could do better?

The webphone should be improved. When we requested to be switched to a web phone, despite the strong internet connection, there was no audio.

If you were going to recommend this to anyone, what would you say?

It’s the dialler that is a must-have in every call center.

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