So you’re in the process of looking for a new dialler?

We know it can get confusing going through many different websites and comparing features and pricing. Therefore we’ve created this page giving you advice on what to look for and comparing what we offer with competitors.

If your confident you know what you’re looking for you can go straight to the comparison section here.

What to look for when choosing a predictive dialler?

Custom Integration – As companies use a variety of different software such as CRM’s it’s important to look for a dialler provider which has the ability to integrate. Therefore by connecting the dialler to the CRM (or other software), you can reduce the time of manual tasks. This should lead to more time to focus on generating leads.

Features that will help your business – Dialler providers have a range of different features, but some of them might not be suitable for you. Look at the feature sets and which can benefit your call centre rather than just having them for the sake of it.

Innovative Provider – You need to look for a dialler provider that is constantly innovating. Take a look at their blog or social media accounts to see if they are adding new features on a regular basis. This will show that they are constantly looking to improve and provide a better service for their clients.

It can also help you in the long term, so if your call centre grows you will be confident your dialler provider can grow with you. 

24/7 Support – One of the most frustrating things call centres face, is not being able to get support from their dialler provider. This could be as simple as learning new features or uploading data. If there is no one available when you need them it means you have to wait until some gets in touch with you.

If your dialler provider is based in the same country as you, they’re likely to have the same working hours. However, if you’re based internationally then 24/7 support might be an important benefit to looks for.

Check Independent Reviews – It’s always worth checking out your dialler provider on independent review websites such as Capterra. This should help give you an insight into the dialler company and what they do well.

Contract type Set up Cost Rates UK Mobile Rates UK Landline Whatsapp integration Support Support Channels Capterra Rating Advanced Features
Primo Dialler Monthly Free 1.3p per minute 0.5p per min Y 24 Hour Web form, phone, email, Skype and WhatsApp 4.9 (59 Reviews) Website chat to dialler, facebook chat integration, SMS integration, interactive wall boards, SQL Dial, Compliance, Custom reporting
BA Tech Monthly Free 1.2p per min 0.6p per min TBC Limited Web form & phone No Reviews Compliance, custom reporting, sms integration, wall boards, website chat to dialler
8×8 Minimum 12 Months Free 4.9p per min 0.9p per min TBC 24 Hour Web form, phone, email 3.8 Inbound chat, social media integration
Host Comm Monthly From £250 3p per min 1p per min Y 8.30am – 17.30pm Web form, phone, email 5 (2 Reviews) Social media integration, website chat to dialler, custom reporting, sms integration, wall boards, website chat to dialler
Blue Telecom Minimum 6 Months Free 2p per min 1p per min N Limited Web form, phone, email, Skype 5 (6 Reviews)


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Our predictive dialler has been developed by forward-thinking industry experts who have previously owned call centres. Knowing the pain points of the industry they worked with developers to create an advanced and reliable predictive dialler which can help call centres get the most out of their data.

With a host of features and custom development capabilities, our predictive dialler can suit any call centre and work seamlessly with nearly all CRMs. This can allow for greater efficiency, allowing you to grow your call centre.

Our award-winning support team operate 24/7 so no matter where in the world you’re located, we’re always available.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out our 5-star rating on Capterra (an independent software review website)

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