When connected, a predictive dialler works with a list of numbers and connects each of the answered dials with the people who are making the calls. Hosted diallers use a statistical algorithm in order to effectively minimise the amount of time that an agent spends waiting for the next conversation. At the same time a power dialler allows the people on the other end of the line to spend less time waiting for an agent to become available, effectively maximizing efficiency. If all of the agents are busy, then the algorithm resets itself until an agent becomes available, and the call is put through immediately to ensure that no valuable time is lost.

While some other hosted dialler services may require on-site infrastructure in order to function, we do not. Our hosted power dialler service is entirely cloud based and able to be customised over the internet. You will not need to purchase hardware in order to get Primo Dialler.

All of the diallers can be fully customised in order to meet any and all business needs. Primo Dialler works with numerous clients, each of whom have varying lists of customisations that they would like to use to shape the service in order to work better with them. Our experienced in house technical and design teams are ready and on standby to help customers build any type of dialing service that they want.

All of the specifications of the service can be changed depending on your personal preferences. The customer will have full control of the dialler speed and other customisable options. In order to make the necessary changes, all that you are required to do is access the dialler and set the speed as is desired.

Some customers may be concerned about their hardware and if their computer will be able to run the dialling services. Fortunately, all that is needed in order to successfully run the dialler is a computer, a phone and the internet. With those basic requirements set in place, we can do the rest and help you get started in no time at all.

Fortunately for customers whose business plans involve the use of multiple sites, our hosted predictive dialling services are entirely web based. This means that they can be easily implemented into numerous sites, and maintained easily and effectively without the requirement of additional, more advanced articles of hardware.

For customers who have CRM, simultaneous functionality with hosted dialler services can be a concern. However, through our carefully maintained specifications, we can easily ensure that both the dialler and the CRM will be able to function with each other without any hindrances to either.

Full support for our dialling services is available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. We have a considerable base of clients who utilise our services from all over the world. We understand how crucial dialling time is in maximizing the efficiency of a business, and we want to always be able to help with any issues that may arise. No matter the time or the day, we have experts on constant standby to be able to help ensure that our services are running smoothly and without any concerns.

At Primo Dialler, we provide our own network that is carefully maintained and designed to specialise in handling the appropriate call centre traffic. All of the call traffic is immediately routed over to our specialised network. This means that the customer will never have to worry about working with hardware requirements or experience any issues with call quality. Our servers are designed to ensure that the customer receives the best possible call quality each time a call is placed.

The training is very simple and our step-by-step approach to how you get started will have you using predictive dialling within minutes after initial set up.

Your agents will quickly become comfortable with our system. Your time spent on training will be far more productive and you can focus more of your efforts on selling techniques and overcoming objections.

Typically, a good performing agent manually dialling will only talk to customers/prospects for approximately 15 to 20 minutes out of each hour. The rest of the time has the agent dialling phone numbers and waiting for each connection. Our predictive dialler will eliminate the manual dialling and waiting time, allowing the actual talk time to reach approximately 50 minutes per hour. The productivity will increase significantly across the entire operation.

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